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The Galloped Era Episode 32 Plot

When eating, Zhou Tiemei announced that he and Bai Manning were getting married. Chang Hankun reminded him not to say that he didn’t need to have a wedding. Zhou Hammer had to change his mouth and admit it. He heard that Chang Hankun said that she likes to be quiet, and that Jin Qing knows her sister’s meaning, though She said that eating together was lively, and Chang Hankun’s idea had been set, and that she would have to live each other in the future. On the wedding day, Bai Manning moved to Xiaobailou and Zhou Iron Hammer. At night, she silently came to the door and tore off the big red hi word. One person fell on the door and wept. Outside the door, Chen Kai is also, tonight is the day when his beloved woman is married. It has been silent for so many years. It is impossible to hear that it is impossible. Hearing that White Manning is crying, Chen Kai knows her difficulties and endures her own pain. left.

Bai Manning opened the door and found that Zhou hammer had been lying in the bathtub and slumbering. She gently put a glass of water on the door handle. Once the hammer was pushed open, she would know for the first time. The whole car workers are busy with the problem of speeding up the locomotive. Chang Hanqing suggested that the director of the factory cancel the political study of the scientific research personnel in the future. The political department only reads the newspaper, which is a waste of time and no benefit. Feng Shigao is very opposed. He said that politics is the locomotive of the revolution. How can it speed up without the political class train? Seeing that two people have begun to squat, Wu’s director integrated their opinions and canceled the political study of researchers such as Chang Hanqing.

Feng Shigao’s amnesty was a leader of the National Political Department. He heard that Changchun Locomotive Works had stopped political studies. He accused Feng Shiga of breaking the rules. Feng Shigao quickly explained that although he tried to stop it, the factory manager strongly supported Chang Hanqing’s thoughts. Feng Shigao’s aunt reminded him that Chang Hanqing and Wu’s factory director would soon go to Beijing to participate in the political meeting, so that Feng Shigao took the opportunity to speed up the train. Once the train speed has improved, his political achievements will be Prominent progress will be promoted faster in the future. Zhou Tiemei knows that Bai Maning likes to watch a movie, and quickly queues up to buy two. Bai Maning did not push his ticket away. It happened that Chen Kai came with his girlfriend. He introduced his girlfriend to Bai Manning. Bai Manning sincerely Bless them and also advise Chen Kai to forget the past.

Feng Shigao took the initiative to ask the director Wu to ask if he could replace the Wu factory director’s supervision of the locomotive during Chang Hanqing’s study in Beijing. Wu Changchang has always known Feng Shigao’s ambitions. He heard Feng Shigao supervise the operation of the locomotive. He has some scruples. In order to stabilize the operation of the locomotive, Director Wu deliberately took the face of the whole factory workshop staff on the second day and told everyone During the time when he and Chang Hanqing went to Beijing to study, Feng Shigao would supervise him instead of him. The work should be carried out according to the training process that Chang Hanqing usually gave them. If there is any disagreement, he must call him. the meaning of.

The meaning of Director Wu is very clear, so that Feng Shigao’s control is under the supervision of everyone. However, Feng Shigao still wants to take risks and fight back. Chang Hanqing received a notice to go to Beijing to participate in political studies. He was particularly unrecognized in his heart. In particular, Feng Shigao wanted to supervise the work. Jin splendidly comforted him. Although they went to Beijing, Feng Shigao’s official position was big, but her identity was the driver, without her. Agree, the locomotive will not run. Chang Hanqing’s special trip to Beijing before the trip to Beijing must be in the position of the captain, and never leave for a moment.

On the second day after Chang Hanqing and Wu Changchang left, the normal trial training had just ended. Feng Shigao called the master before Jin Jinshuang to get on the bus. Jin Xing was somewhat hesitant. He heard Feng Shigao prepare to speed up. She and Yao Huaimin tried hard. It is said that the train schedule for the day has been completed, but it is not the stubbornness of Feng Shigao. They are still daringly on the bus. Jin Brilliant keeps in mind what Chang Hanqing said to her, and she followed the train.

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