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The Galloped Era Episode 31 Plot

Zhou Tiemei saw that Changjia had a lot of money. The next day, when Chang Hankun gave him a large sum of money to let him go home, Zhou Tiemei asked my sister mysteriously. If there is a formal employee in the factory to marry her, Whether he can stay or not. Chang Hankun does not believe that their family is a typical capitalism, and which girl dared to marry him. Zhou Tie hammer said that he really said that a girl would look at his family’s money and house and would marry him. Chang Hanqing gotoff the plane and returned home. Jin Xuan saw that he had a box of beautiful women with a light back. She was so scared that she quickly stuffed things in her bag. Chang Hanqing laughed at her and said that it was just a box of chocolates. When he got home, he was still subjected to a golden interrogation. Jin Qing listened to him about the situation of Dong Ni Ya, she was very sympathetic, I think Dong Ni Ya is also a single girl, she should have her happiness.

In the staff canteen, Zhou Dahami blocked in front of Bai Manning . He wrote a letter to Bai Manning. Bai Manning ran back to the dormitory and closed the door. She painfully remembered that her parents had been killed by the plane and fled to the cattle house. I did not expect to be local. The landlord caught it, and the landlord shut her in the firewood. When Bai Maning shouted for help, the Zhou hammer, who was hitting the iron in the landlord’s house, appeared. Hearing that White Manning asked him to ask for a blade, Bai Manning was in the gap that Zhou’s hammer was hesitating. The next person went back to the landlord’s room, and then the landlord was killed. In the letter, Zhou Hammer invited Bai Manning to go to the park on Sunday.

In the park, Zhou Hammer told Bai Manning that he had to get a marriage certificate with him and help him to take root in the city. When his account was implemented, he would divorce Bai Manning. During his marriage, he promised that he would not move White Manning. Bai Manning felt that she did not have his reasons. Zhou Tie hammer used the hero to save the beautiful allusion, let her pretend to fall into the water, and then save her ashore. Bai Manning is not willing to do it anymore. Zhou Ham hammer told her that she had saved her life and gave her a chance to repay this time. Chang Hankun saw the red glory list of Zhou Tie hammer in the bulletin board of the factory. She felt a little emotion. She soon heard Feng Shigao tell him that Bai Manning had already written a marriage application with Zhou Tie hammer, and Chang Hankun soon realized it.

In the evening, when Chang Hanqing and Jin Xuan heard the news that Zhou Ham hammer wanted to smash White Manning at home, they all felt particularly embarrassed. Even for the sake of repaying, Bai Manning would not look at the hammer of the week. Zhou Tie hammer is so awkward, and Bai Manning is still a factory flower. How many people have coveted Bai Manning, Bai Manning only focused on Chang Hanqing, and later Chang Hanqing smashed the golden splendor, Bai Manning has never been in love. Chang Hankun told them the true purpose of Zhou Tie hammer, and Jin Hui also felt that he had a small look at Zhou Ham hammer.

Chen Kai blocked Zhou Tie’s way of going when he got off work, saying that Zhou Tie hammered his heart with sinister temper, and using this method to bully Bai Manning was simply shameless. Zhou Hammer and Chen Kai hit up, Bai Manning came to stop, when he heard Chen Kai may have known her fear, Bai Maning gently kissed him on his face. Bai Manning and Zhou Tie hammer took a wedding photo and got a marriage certificate. Zhou Tie hammer asked her when she moved into Xiaobailou. This is always not together. Others will be suspicious. Bai Maning let him put away his mind and admit that Xiaobailou is just Han Hankun. For his charity, he did not even have the status of one tenth of Chang Hankun’s son. Zhou Tie hammer is really clear about his situation, and he has no extra reverie.

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