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The Galloped Era Episode 21 Plot

Director Wu held a general meeting to discuss how to let front-line employees fill their stomachs. Chang Hanqing suggested that the administrative logistics department of the workshop should be in the first half of the day, and the rest of the time should be engaged in production. All activities unrelated to scientific research were stopped. Feng Shiga is totally opposed. He bluntly said that the division of revolution is different. The factory manager took care of the overall situation, let them stick to it and try to save all things that are not related to production.

Bai Manning wants to go to the political office to interview political work. Jin said that there is no news to tell. The less news, the less workers in the workshop can work more peacefully. Bai Maning was angry. He said that Jin Hui is a cadre status. Chang Hanqing is a scientific research leader. Their supply is more than everyone else. Therefore, they only stand and talk without hurting. Although Jin Xuan said that he can make scientific research within half a year, but who Can be sure that it will be done. Bai Manning’s idea also represents the opinions of some people. In order to appease the people, Jin Xuan directly returns to the house to pack things and actively become workers.

Chang Hanqing and Jin Xuan discussed their plans in the future. Jin Xuan decided to go to the apprenticeship and learn the driving skills of the locomotive. In the future, as the captain, Chang Hanqing took off the golden splendid for him to decide to quit, and he was very moved. When Wu’s factory saw Jin’s brilliant application for dismissal, he strongly disagreed. Once Jin’s identity as a cadre was reduced to a worker, he would never have a chance to go back in the future. Now her cadre status is not due to hereditary or high level of knowledge, but to the use of life in the bullets.
Feng Shigao saw Jin Jin’s retreat application for approval. He directly confessed to Chang Hanqing’s selfishness and typical bourgeois style. When Jin Xing left the office, the former colleagues were very reluctant. They regretted the original words, but the golden departure also made them more convinced that the power locomotive would soon be built.

Finally, in the summer, the power locomotive of the workshop was finally developed. The golden mushrooms and potatoes were also harvested. Chang Hankun saw that the food at home began to be full, and naturally no longer said anything. Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing brought some potatoes and mushrooms to their colleagues. Bai Manning was very grateful to Chang Hanqing for sending potatoes. She couldn’t help but ask Chang Hanqing to live well. Chang Hanqing persuaded Bai Manning to let go of the past and find his own wishful Lang Jun. In order to reduce hunger, Feng Shigao tightened his belt. At this time, Jin Jinlan knocked on the door. Feng Shiga took over the mushrooms and potatoes sent by Jin Qing. He stuffed his mother with the sweet sugar he mailed to Jin Xuan. If you don’t accept it, don’t take their potatoes. Seeing the sincerity of Feng Shigao, Jin brilliantly unscrewed the sugar can, and only took a candy from the can and put it into his mouth.

Director Wu was informed that the minister had to come to their workshop to check the test in the past few days. Chang Hanqing felt that the triodes and diodes of the locomotive assembly were still unqualified. It is too rushed to accept the assessment now, but if the extension is proposed, the director does not have this. right. Yao Huaimin and Feng Shigao suggested that in order to pass the assessment of the ministers earlier, in order to increase the wages of the workshop workers, or to import parts with foreign countries, they will make time to produce qualified ones. At first, Chang Hanqing disagreed. His scientific research attitude has always been very rigorous. Jin Xuan gave him ideological work. At the moment, he has to take care of the overall situation. The workers in the workshop have not filled their stomachs for a long time. For the benefit of everyone, it is still Let the locomotive pass the minister’s review smoothly.

Chang Hanqing called the factory manager. He agreed to accept the minister’s assessment tomorrow. Yao Huaimin finally put his heart in his stomach. Feng Shigao’s side but the yin and yang singularly raised that Chang Hanqing’s left-leaning thought still did not improve.

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