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The Galloped Era Episode 20 Plot

Master Tian took the initiative to transfer to the Jinjia factory to go to work. Chang Hanqing asked why he didn’t go to the internal combustion engine workshop. Tian said that if he went to the internal combustion engine factory, he would deepen the contradiction between the two workshops and hear the decision of Master Ye Tian to be so open. Chang Hanqing bowed to him deeply. Now he finally understands why he is Lao Tiangong, the old generation of revolutionary technicians.

Feng Shigao and Yao Huaimin were about to sue Chang Hanqing at the factory manager. The director gave a call to Chang Hanqing to ask the situation. Chang Hanqing told him that Master Tian had gone to the gold processing shop. This incident gave Chang Hanqing a deep lesson. He felt that in the Chinese revolutionary old generation who never complained about it, it would certainly flourish.

Often Hanqing when the roof suddenly collapsed a scenic point of view, Wu quickly to help the director to see the gold brilliant took him back to the house, often Hanqing This is due to low blood sugar, workshop of key technical staff are famished stomach, Wu factory manager is very self-blaming. Chang Han Kun for nutritional supplements to his brother, the only home two boxes of canned food to the open, often Hanqing see all of the meat to his sister, he offered the meat distributed to four, and often brilliant gold Han Kun than he The amount was all played, and I left a copy of the babysitter at home. My sister heard it very moved.

Jin Xuan is able to eat more food for Chang Hanqing. She saves her own food and drinks cold water to satisfy her hunger. In order to give her brother some food, Chang Hankun promised to go to Beijing to investigate, and then let Wu Director give her some food for the non-staple food.
Jin splendidly saw Wang Xiangping in the workshop drinking cold water to fill his hunger. He thought that he would mail all his rations to his home. Jin Qing’s own rations all let Wang Xiangping eat. She actively tried to find a way to get some food. The terrain where the research factory is located is a hilly area. It would be impossible to open a wasteland for a while. She thought of the garden that Chang Hankun cultivated.

Taking advantage of my sister’s going out of Beijing, Jin Xing took away the gardens at home. Chang Hanqing wants to help her, Jin Xing stopped, and if her sister knows that it is a big deal, she is angry and angry. If her sister knows that her brother is doing it, it must be hurt. After that, Chang Hanqing was busy making cottonseed mushrooms. She was able to eat mushrooms so soon. She saw Jinshuang so capable, and Chang Hanqing felt that she had married a good wife. Chang Hankun came back from Beijing and felt that although she got the non-staple food ticket, she started to engage in the purchase restriction. She felt that she had to cut off the grain after eating for a month. She went home when she was feeling, and suddenly saw the garden in the house disappeared. Chang Hankun screamed, and Chang Hanqing quickly stepped forward to comfort her.

In the evening, in order to welcome the return of their sisters, they really ate meat at the dinner table. They had a good taste of the meal. Chang Hankun was very savvy and very fleshy. She didn’t know what the meat was. She asked Jin Jin what she did, gold. Splendid and hurriedly explained that it is rabbit meat. They are talking, suddenly Wang Xiangping came, he happily handed the bag to the sister, the sister deliberately said that today’s rabbit is not big, Wang Xiangping said that the rabbit is absolutely gone.
Finally, I still showed the stuffing. I learned that they were eating rat meat. Chang Hankun spit out all the things in the stomach. In any case, I finally solved the problem of food and clothing. Chang Hanqing was very happy. At night, he wanted to be close to Jin Hui. Jin Jin is not ready yet, and the two still sleep each other.

When Bai Manning was eating, she saw that she could not eat enough. Her heart was not a taste. Feng Shigao came over and gave her the bowl in her bowl. Bai Manning did not accept it.

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