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The Galloped Era Episode 12

At the entrance of the ball, Chang Hanqing took the drink early and waited for the golden splendid . Jin Qing saw a lot of strange men and women dancing on the dance floor. She felt very embarrassed. Chang Hanqing comforted her. Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai used to be in Yan’an. It’s a dance that jumps, not enough to go online. Then Chang Hanqing taught the golden dance to the simplest ballroom dance.

Feng Shigao saw Jin brilliantly and awkwardly followed Chang Hanqing’s study. He was jealous and jumped on the spot to dance a great dance “Soldier Dance”. Feng Shigao’s dance pose attracted everyone’s applause, completely changing Han Hanqing’s style. Blocked. The next day, the staff of the workshop still talked about the dance last night, and said that Chang Hanqing saw that he completely jumped away but Feng Shigao went away quietly.

Jin Xing heard that Chang Hanqing was going to Qinling to complete the exploration mission, and it took several days to think of the weather, and Jin Xuan specially prepared the dog skin knee pads for Chang Hanqing. At the time of departure, Chang Hanqing saw that Jin Xing had been replaced by Wang Xiangping. He did not understand what was wrong in the middle. Jin Xing felt that Feng Shiga intended to provoke dissension. She went directly to the office to ask what was going on. Feng Shigao told her that she was the opinion of Chang Hanqing’s sister. She did not agree with Jin’s brilliant follow of Chang Hanqing to Qinling. Then Feng also took out a high official invitation, then Chang Han Kun deliberately left gold bright, inviting her to go home to eat Western food.

Feng Shiga took out the new clothes he had already prepared from the drawer, and said that he bought it for his sister, and let Jin Jin wear it to go to the appointment, lest he should be shameful in front of Chang Hankun, who is dressed in glamorous clothes. Jin Xing was wearing Feng Shigao’s big red trench coat to go to dinner. Feng Shigao looked at the golden back. He knew that the golden splendid would definitely be wronged. Sure enough, Jin Xing went to the Xiaobai Building of Chang Hanqing’s house. The interior decoration was very luxurious. Chang Hankun sat in a high-end sofa with a victorious gesture. She invited Jin to drink tea and see her. A small piece of small mouth is tasted, and a seasoning is added to the tea. Jin brilliant can’t understand the English on the seasoning, and directly took the meat to the cup. When eating western food, he was also ridiculed by Chang Hankun. Although the golden splendid skin was thick, he couldn’t stand Chang Hankun’s arrogance.

From Xiaobailou, Jinshen’s stomach was uncomfortable. She helped the tree to spit it out. Bai Manning heard that she had come back to eat the steak. It was very sweet and not as bright as she imagined. Many girls had been too often before. At the invitation of Han Kun, they went to the appointment with great enthusiasm. When they came back, they were always dejected. Jin Xuan wants to know the reason. Bai Manning told her that because the girls all want to climb the branches, they went to their homes to know that the disparity is too great.

After Kim was humiliated, she no longer wanted to pick up Chang Hanqing’s phone, and always let the master use all kinds of reasons to smother him. Chang Hanqing discovered a new internal combustion engine technology in Qinling, so he asked the factory manager to call Yao Huaimin. Wu’s factory knew Yao Huaimin’s heart. He advised Yao Huaimin, Chang Hanqing and his work to be less important, or to the overall situation. To be heavy. After Yao Huaimin went to Qinling, he found that the new technology that Chang Hanqing recommended to him was indeed ten times more efficient than his previous efficiency. He was very happy.

Chang Hanqing finally came back from Qinling. The first thing he came back to was to see Jinshuang. I heard that Jinshui went to pull the fire extinguisher. He quickly went out to help her pull the car. Jin Xuan refused his help and said that he did not want to talk to a baby who was not weaned. Chang Hanqing knew from his golden indifference that his sister had done something in the middle. He returned home and publicly proposed to “weaning” in the future.

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