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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 12 Recap

Lu Weixu got the assistant’s report, because of the news, the return rate of Mengnaisi Winery and Rose Winery was very high, and other products did not benefit, and it could only last for half a year. Lu Weixu said that he would find a way to find the money. Lu Wei, who had finished drinking the wine, found thatthe taste of why he was not drunk had already returned. He rushed out to find the bar to find out why he was not drunk. At the same time, Mia recalled therevenge that Yi Beidao had said to herat home. After searching the clues on the Internet, she found that things were wrong, and rushed out to go to the Yibei Knife Bar.

At this time, why not drunk and Yi Beidao returned to the bar. Yi Beidao saw that she had always wanted to help Lu Wei, and asked her if she liked Lu Wei, but why not drunk and denied it. Yi Beidao asked why he was not drunk and took a bottle of vodka in the warehouse. When he was not drunk into the warehouse, he turned off the light. Why didn’t hesitate to ask for the Yibei knife to turn on the light, Yibei knife smashed the neck that was not drunk At this time, he thought of what Mia had said to himself, and he hesitated. At this critical juncture, Lu Wei, who came to the bar, rushed in to save what he was drunk.

Then Mia also went to the warehouse to find the Yibei knife. Yi Beidao admitted his weakness and told his story to Mia. It turned out that his happy life when he was a child suddenly suffered an impact, because his father suddenly disappeared, the rumors about his father were flying, and at that time, he forgot his mother and gave money to her. She said that she was worried. After killing his husband and stealing all of this, he at that time determined that he was worried about his father’s enemies. The two could not go to school together because of economic reasons. Finally, they decided to let the more intelligent Yi Beidao go. Yi Beidao knew the daughter of the enemy at school.

The two brothers quarreled because the brother helped me not drunk. In fact, his brother Yi Beidao liked not to be drunk, and his younger brother, Yi Nanke, desperately wanted to stop them from being together, but his brother Yi Beidao tried to fight a lot outside. Under the premise of supporting mothers and younger brothers, I still want to save money to help me not be drunk, but I am overworked because of overwork. The younger brother, Yi Nanke, was distraught, and he abandoned the name of Yi Nanke. From then on, he changed his name to his brother Yi Beidao. He continued to live as a brother and continued to search for what he was worried about and why he was not drunk and revenge. Mia’s dissuasion did not make Yi Beidao give up.

When he was rescued by Lu Wei, he was so distressed and saddened that he remembered that the former Yi Beidao was so good to himself, but now he wants to kill himself and can not help but fall into sorrow. Lu Weixu helped her to give her a worries and said that after going overtime and not going back, she would not be drunk to the parents. Going back to Lu Weixun, why not drunk and sleep at night, has been a nightmare, Lu Weizhi has been guarding her alongside, and helped her to have breakfast in the morning.

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