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The Galloped Era Episode 8

Bai Manning heard Wu Changchang let Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing go to apologize to her. Wu said that Bai Manning had not talked about love for several years. Now they are able to carry out research and bear the burden for so long. At the ceremony, they are still You should send the four or two pork tickets to Bai Manning. When you hear this, Bai Maning thinks that they are too small to look at themselves and they will leave with anger.
Chang Hanqing still calculated the technical parameters that were still not perfect in the operation. Feng Shigao came to inspect and saw that he was sleepy and forgetting about food in the operation room. He admired it very much. Jin Xing gave him a meal, told him to go to eat and found that he fell asleep, worried that he was cold, Jin Jin put his blanket on him, and then he fell asleep on the side.

Chang Hankun was at home for a long time without seeing his younger brother coming back. He called the factory and no one answered. She did not feel relieved to go to the workshop. It was just at the workbench that she saw Jinshuang and her brothers very close. Chang Hankun did not get angry. It turns out that the two of them are sleeping here, worried that their sister misunderstood, and Jin Xuan quickly explained that they are normal colleague relations, and there is no dirty in Chang Hankun’s imagination.
Chang Hanqing accidentally dropped a corner of the blanket into the oil. In order to express his gratitude to Jin, Chang Hanqing, who had never washed the clothes, personally went to wash the blankets. Because he had insufficient laundry experience, he simply washed the blankets and wrinkled them. Baba, like a piece of kraft paper, the blanket can not be completely covered, Chang Hanqing stupid, and quickly went to the supply and marketing agency to buy a pure wool blanket to pay for the golden splendor.

Jin Qing heard that his blanket was washed and could not be covered. He was very distressed. He couldn’t help but swear by Chang Hanqing. Chang Hankun couldn’t stand it anymore. They bought a new blanket compensation, but they didn’t fall a bit. . The name of others is printed on the golden blanket. It should be someone else’s. It has been covered for more than ten years. It is now worthwhile to trade in the old. Jin Xing felt that they were different from their explanations and went back directly with a blanket.

Later, Chang Hanqing learned from the factory manager that this washed blanket was left to her by her golden brother, because her brother died at the execution of a task, and Jin’s brother missed his brother’s blanket. Beside me. Chang Hanqing knows that he is wrong. The director gave him an idea. He is engaged in research and development. Naturally, he can use scientific knowledge to restore the washed blanket. Chang Hanqing quickly asked the director to give him a letter of introduction. He went to the textile university to find a solution.

Feng Shigao heard that the golden and beloved blanket was washed out. He spent a lot of hard work and inquired, finally bought an old-style blanket more than ten years ago, and the golden one was produced by a factory. Chang Hanqing asked the professor of the textile factory how to restore the blanket. He borrowed a blanket from Jinshuang and finally used the fumigation and syrup soaking method to demobilize the blanket. Jin Xuan himself has already reported to the director of the transfer, she wants to return to the political department as the chief of the security, the factory director has not signed, he followed Kim’s own opinions, Chang Hanqing’s sincerity touched the golden splendor, gold Splendid decision to continue to work as a liaison. Seeing that Chang Hanqing was better than himself, Feng Shigao was very angry. He heard the radio station broadcast a newsletter to Chang Hanqing, and Feng Shiga directly hanged the phone to the announcer to change the manuscript.

In a blink of an eye, the vigorous Great Leap Forward began. Chang Hanqing saw the achievements in the publicity column. He smashed the red propaganda paper. Feng Shiga felt that there was a problem with Chang Hanqing’s attitude. Disputes, Jin Liang quickly rushed as the mediator stood among them, let them have something to go to the office to say. The factory manager probably knew what they were arguing at the side. He pretended not to know that he still rode his car to the office.

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