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The Galloped Era Episode 11

Chang Hanqing finally came back. The factory manager saw that he was very happy to come back. He still promised Chang Hanqing to wait for this time to let him go on holiday. Feng Shigao wasso happy tosee Jin Jin , he urged Jin Liang to quickly return to Bao Wei to go to work. Chang Hankun asked his brother whether he was coming back for the golden splendor or his ideal. Chang Hanqing said frankly that both reasons are. My sister directly reminded him not to think about the big soldier. She did not agree with Jin Liang and his younger brother. Even the nanny sister Sister sighed again and again, she saw the golden face, I feel that they are not harmonious, and can not get along. Chang Hanqing did not ask how it happened. The nanny said that it was not good to look at the golden eyebrows. It was so long and long and long, indicating that he could not give birth in the future. Hearing such a nonsense judgment, Chang Hanqing did not want to say anything.

The factory received a notice that the Central Minister Yang was coming. Jin Jin went to the train station early in the morning and saw that the train had been driven away. He had not seen anyone yet. The director said that 80% of this Minister Yang entered the workshop. Sure enough, Chang Hanqing saw an old man checking the machine parts. He heard that the old man had always felt that his work was rough. Chang Hanqing was still not convinced. He asked the old man to look at the fuel-saving parts he invented and heard the old man pick up the pen and write directly. In the calculation, Chang Hanqing felt that he was completely moving.

Minister Yang called the leaders of the workshop to meet together and specifically called Chang Hanqing to participate. Feng Shigao was the first to say that Chang Hanqing had been holding a foreign cane. The technology of this country used a little, the technology used a little, and the core technology of Soviet experts was changed to a mess. Chang Hanqing of the meeting has not spoken. Minister Yang asked him to say two things. Chang Hanqing said that although the Soviet Union and other Western countries have advanced technology, but based on China’s national conditions and complex landscape, it is necessary to try to reduce the number of trains. The rate is good. Chang Hanqing’s words were praised by Minister Yang. He greatly appreciated the enthusiasm of Chang Hanqing, so he held hands to encourage him and waited for his train to arrive at Baocheng Railway in the future.

Chang Hankun heard the applause inside, and his heart finally landed like a stone. He thought that Jin Hui will go to the security department in the future. Chang Hankun felt that there should be no twists and turns. In the evening, Chang Hankun heard that his brother asked Jin to eat the street stall. She had always opposed the younger brother’s eating stinky tofu and the like. She did not trust her brother and Jin brilliant. She rushed to stop. When eating, Chang Hanqing let Jin Xuan continue to come back as his liaison, and said that Director Wu should be able to agree to her return.
It was the day when the ring test was started. The director gave Jin Xuan the responsibility of the gongs and drums that Zhang Luo will meet tomorrow. He is convinced that the Chinese-made electric train can pass the trial. Finally, the hard work pays off, after the successful test, the director immediately expressed a few pounds of meat tickets to each worker, and also listened to Chang Hanqing’s proposal to hold a ball to celebrate. Jin Hui heard that there was a dancing party and he was happy. Chang Hanqing did not ask her for a ballroom dance.

In order to give Kim a good impression at the ball, Feng Shigao prepared for the office early. He carefully changed his suit and tie, and walked in front of the mirror while walking. Any work and activities were temporarily put on hold.

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