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The Galloped Era Episode 10

Although the report won a round of applause, Chang Hanqing did not throw away the “foreign sticks” that the era rejected in his own opinion, but instead advocated the use of foreigners. Chang Hanqing felt that the applause showed that his point of view was correct and he did not agree with his words. Despite this, Jin Shuang still feels that Chang Hanqing’s explanation is very exciting. She wants to go back and sort out Chang Hanqing’s speech report and try to get him a special merit. Sensitive Chang Hankun felt that his brother had a misfortune. At the moment when the relationship with the Soviet Union was in jeopardy, the younger brother also suggested that he should make good use of the “foreign cane” and worry about his troubles. Chang Hankun also proposed to his brother if the special application was not Come down, just go back to Guangzhou with her.

In the dormitory, Jin Shuang is writing a report. The curious white Manning wants to look over. Jin Jin is not allowed to let it go. Bai Yining thinks that she is writing a love letter and sees that White Manning is so nervous. Jin Xing jokingly said that she is writing a love letter, deliberately blocking it. Most of the report content, only left the name of “Chang Hanqing”, Bai Manning is very angry, she knows that Jin Xuan understands her mind, Chang Hanqing is her white Manning! Seeing that White Manning was getting more and more anxious, Jin Liang had to tell her that she was sorting out the investigation report of Chang Hanqing. Hearing the relationship between Jin Huiqing and Chang Hanqing, Bai Manning finally let go of his heart.

Jin brilliant carefully wrote the report to Feng Shigao, and wanted Feng Shiga to use her report to win the special merits for Chang Hanqing. The more golden Jin is better for Chang Hanqing, the more uncomfortable Feng Shigao felt, the more he saw the original manuscript, Feng Shigao He had a bad idea and he changed some of the content. Feng Shiga’s pretending article made Huang Hanqing’s special work yellow. In the golden spokes report, Feng Shigao’s weight changed a lot of content, and went to find his theory angrily. Feng Shigao was in a meeting. Jin splendidly rushed in and blamed Feng Shigao for deleting the favorable content of Chang Hanqing and asked him to put her in the original. The report was returned to her.

Chang Hankun happened to go to the office to find Feng Shigao to rent a contract. He heard the dialogue between Jin Xing and Feng Shigao. Chang Hankun, who had always been biased against Jin Xing, thought that Jin Xing and Feng Shi Gao Yi had squandered his brother’s special merits. Jin Xuan quickly explained to her that Chang Hankun did not listen at all. Chang Hanqing is not sad about whether he has received special merits, but he is saddened to hear that Jin is shining. At this time, my sister took out an invitation from the University of California, hoping that Chang Hanqing could leave her here and return to her alma mater to relearn. Chang Hanqing was hesitant. He didn’t want to give up his ideals. Staying here is always blocked by both inside and outside the work. Chang Hanqing is hesitant.

One day, Feng Shigao went to the workshop and called out the golden splendid. Chang Hanqing saw that Jin Jin had to be transferred. He was disheartened and decided to go to Guangzhou according to his sister’s arrangement. Feng Shiga wanted to save the golden trust and always apologize for his actions. Seeing that Jin Jinshuang still cares about him, Feng Shiga had to say what Chang Hanqing had to leave, and he also ridiculed that Chang Hanqing did not love Jin Xuan. Jin splendidly went to the train station and wanted to stop Chang Hanqing. She told Chang Hanqing that in order to get them back to China, the country used the captive American pilots to exchange. Now he is reluctant to leave because of such a small matter. . Seeing that Chang Hanqing was still on the train, Jin was very disappointed.

When Jin Hui went back, he met the veterans of the past. He heard the news of the sacrifice of two comrades. Jin Jin was very sad. The train was about to drive away. Dear comrades are about to embark on a new journey. “My Motherland”, soon the soldiers on the train sang in unison and… The train drove away, and Jin Shuang saw Chang Hanqing at the exit station! Chang Hanqing said with a smile because her dumplings and songs kept him!

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