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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 10 Recap

Lu Wei and the Yibei knife dispute, the last taste exchange to win the game. Why don’t you want to get rid of Lu Wei ‘s follow-up, and escape with Hao to use collusion to exchange clothes, and Lu Wei finds after he discovers why he is not drunk and has escaped. When I arrived at 8:00 in the evening, I didn’t get drunk and came to thebarof Yi Beidao. Aftersearching for Lu Wei, I was trying to pull her back, but why didn’t I refuse to go back, Yi Beidao saw why I didn’t get stuck on the bag. The glass bottle, it is said that it can be re-sent to her. Lu Wei-chao knows that this bottle was sent to her by Yi Beidao.

When she thought of the scene when the bottle was broken, the scene of jealousy and anger was Uncontrollable outbreak, and Yi Beidao twisted up, why not drunk in order to let Lu Wei stop using the last kiss to threaten Lu Wei, the threatened Lu Weizhi is more angry and ruined, directly to kiss, why not drunk, use Lost the last chance to exchange taste, in order not to let the Yibei knife misunderstand, why not drunk on the spot and the Yibei knife confession, the gas has been ran straight out. Why didn’t he get drunk and Yi Beidao apologized and chased it out, why didn’t he drunk him to eat instant noodles, although the time to exchange the taste to the taste of Lu Weizhi is still there, the two saw the turn of things. After returning, the two did not dare to sleep. After fear of falling asleep, the taste disappeared again, but why not drunk or could not hold on to sleep.

The next day, Hao used to pick them up to the stadium, and insisted that Lu Wei, who had not slept for one night, came to the game with the determination to win. At the beginning of the game, the rules were the same as the first one. Lu Wei was like a start-up when he started the game. The score was far ahead of Mu Chunfeng. When he saw the momentum of Lu Wei, Mu Chunfeng himself began to panic. At the end of the game, the bell rang and Lu Wei sought to win the game with a huge advantage of 50 to 20. Everyone cheered.

In an interview with the reporter, Lu Weizhi made an astonishing decision, saying that he had to give up the identity of the wine critics and manage his mother’s winery with care. Mu Chunfeng, who lost the game, received a call from Lu’s father. Lu’s father wanted him to stop here, but Mu Chunfeng said that he did not want to let go.

Out of the game, Lu Fan, the number one fan of Lu Weixuan, said that he would take them to his own brother’s bar to celebrate, and happened to bring them to the bar of Yi Beidao. In the live performance of a thousand cups, not drunk, why not drunk, I want to find a place to be quiet, suddenly stopped after entering the warehouse, why are you afraid of the darkness, not so drunk in the place to cry, then the first easy to find Yibei knife Seeing that it was not the first to turn on the light but to hug her, this is obviously to be expressed to the later Lu Wei.

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