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Blossom in Heart Episode 28 Recap

After the trade fair began, the major rouge merchants and socialites came to watch. Lang Yueming introduced the goose powder to foreign friends. However, they knew that the goose powder was the signature of Lang Lichun. I felt that there was nothing new and I planned to leave for another home. . Lang Yueming heard that Shi Hanglu was selling the geese and rouge, and rushed forward to ask questions. Lance was very angry after he learned it, so he must figure things out. Then he came to Shiji Zhou to settle accounts, so that he should not be too excessive, otherwise he would The things of the year shook out. Shi Jizhou told him that he hated him. He struggled with him in this life and would not let him go.

In the workshop of Langyue Minglai, women workers were routinely questioned, and they were irritating. When the new question was asked, the problem was thrown at Langyuexuan to provoke contradictions. Lang Yuexuan sat in the chair and blamed herself. After Haiyan saw it, she should not be sad. Things have already happened. I need to find out the traitor immediately, otherwise I will endlessly suffer. Awen suspected that Shi Jizhou had secretly stole the secret of his family. He did not ruthlessly rush out. After that, he secretly sneaked in to find Shi Jizhou and told him about the recent situation of the Lang family. He hoped to withdraw early and fear that he would be found out.

Feng Chunyan was worried about Lang Lichun’s affairs. She kept burning incense and worshipped Buddha. Miao Lan saw her suggesting to find a mage and get rid of the suffocation in the house. The next day, the Master practiced in the government and took out a paperman who said that it was the root of the problem. After that, Miao Lan came to the workshop to find out the women workers with water, and rushed them out, so that Master Shang should not take water in the future. people. After Miao Lan came home, she told Feng Chunyan that she felt that the name of the sea otter was with water. Awen came to see Lang Yuexuan, looking for him to eat together in the past, I hope that the two families do not have contradictions, I did not expect their conversation was heard by Lang Yueming, suspected suspected to Lang Yuexuan.

Feng Chunyan called Haishu to Langfu, suspected that she was a spy, let her leave Langlichun, Langyue Xuan came to speak for Haishu, and said that she would always believe her. Haitang ran out to be angry at the side, Lang Yuexuan rushed to catch up to comfort her, and then went to look for Feng Chunyan to talk about it, hoping that she would not impulsively expel the sea otter, after all, she had a favor for Lang Lichun, Feng Chunyan angrily let him leave. Lang Yueming suspected that Lang Yuexuan was a spy, told this to Longs, and decided to go to investigate. After listening to Lance, he believed that Lang Yuexuan was a man.

Lang Yuexuan came over to Shi Jizhou about Lang Lichun’s traitors and warned him not to overdo it. Shi Jizhou used money to buy him. I didn’t expect this scene to be seen by Lance, misunderstanding that Lang Yuexuan was a spy. After Lang Yuexuan came back, he was served by Lance’s family law. Lang Qingqing was anxious to find Haishu to help. Haishu and Mo Zhen came to plead for Lang Yuexuan , but Lang Yueming insisted that he was a traitor. Lang Yuexuan explained countless times, and sadly felt that the source of everything was caused by Lance, and that his connivance would lead to the current situation. Haiyan could not bear to hurt him and decided to be punished with him. Lang Yuexuan was distressed. , take the initiative to admit this unwarranted crime.

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