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Blossom in Heart Episode 27 Recap

Yuet Hin for packaging rouge come Yuet-ming , told him rouge rouge packaging and quality as important, it will affect the quality of Lang in the spring, there have been boxes of users there is a problem, you suspect the quality of rouge, Affecting the credibility of Langlichun, we must not only pay attention to the immediate interests. Lang Yueming did not feel that he was wrong. He believed that this practice greatly improved his interests. Later, he wastaughtby Lance , so that he should not be bothered and broke the rules of doing business. Let him study with Lang Yuexuan and don’t want to go it alone.

Long Moxe brought a lot of small gifts to the shackles of Langfu . Feng Chunyan saw that the Fuzhong was very lively. He greeted her and let her go to the kitchen with her. On the road, Mo Zhen asked about Lang Yuexuan’s eating habits, and heard that Miao Lan deliberately said that Haishu’s bad words were directly exposed, so that she liked Lang Yuexuan’s words, and then went out from Langfu and pursued it with great brilliance. Gu Haijun saw that Lang Yueming kept doing things in the workshop. He advised him not to care too much. After this incident, more people could see the quality of Langlichun . Everyone saw his efforts. The reason why Lang is doing this is to make him grow up.

After listening to Gu Haijun’s words, Lang Yueming suddenly became cheerful and suddenly remembered an inspiration. He decided to advertise to Langlichun and invited her to be a spokesperson to make a poster. Long Mozhen specially cooked a lot of delicious food. Feng Chunyan was very satisfied after seeing it. I hope she can be a daughter of Lang Yueming. Long Mozhen only likes Lang Yuexuan and refuses her kindness. After Lang Yueming came back, she met Long Mozhen and told her to decide to give Lang Lichun a foreign poster. After listening to Long Mozhen, he was very excited and recommended himself to him. Lang Yueming refused her request, indicating that he had already promised others. .

When Long Mozhen returned home and was anxious to let Long Deshui find a foreign designer, he must be a designer of Langlichun and compare the sea otter. Long Mozhen constantly tried to overcome the fear of heights. I finally succeeded in overcoming it. Haishu was embarrassed when she was making a poster. She didn’t know how to do the action. She was too disgusted by the photographer. Langyue Xuan stepped forward to let her relax, as usual. I didn’t expect Long Mozhen to come in beautiful clothes and tell everyone that it was imperative. I must have a spokesperson for Langlichun. After some filming, I got everyone’s unanimous approval. Soon after, I recruited a lot of business for Langlichun. .

Kunyang’s bosses gathered to discuss the position of the president of the Chamber of Commerce. Long Deshui proposed who would win the grand prize at the International Rouge Fair. After the people left, Shi Ji Zhou went to Langsian to inquire about the truth, and was ruthlessly blocked by Lance. Lang Yueming came to Langyuexuan and asked him when he would put the Goose Rouge into production. Don’t miss the opportunity. After the new secret was heard, he told Shi Jizhou about this. Haishu came to visit Gu Shunqi in the temple and saw that Lance was worshipping. He asked him if he knew Gu Shunqi. However, he denied that he did not know and looked back at Haitang.

Haitang was absent-minded in the workshop. After being hit by Master Shang, she directly screamed. She asked Shang Shifu about this person, but the master turned and turned away. Long Mozhen kept practicing at home, and Lang Yueming came to Longfu to find her. I hope she can lead the women workers in the workshop to dance at the fair. Mo Zhen was very happy after hearing it. Haiyan saw Lang Yuexuan frowning. He proposed to use Mo Zhen to sell goose powder. After seeing Lang Yueming, he told him that time was too tight. He decided not to introduce Hongyan Rouge and replace it with goose powder.

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