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Blossom in Heart Episode 25 Recap

Shi Jizhou found Arvin. He had a good temper and asked him about his relationship with Long Mozhen . Awen felt that Mo Zhen was a swan and couldn’t climb up. Shi Jizhou asked him to make more effort, think hard with his brain, and let him invite Mo Zhendang Peach Fairy to take the opportunity to talk about her. Long Mozhen happily came over and told Long Deshui a good news. I didn’t expect him to guess that she was going to be a flower fairy. I quickly asked what happened, and I learned that Long Deshui had promised to give in and left the house angrily. .

Lang Yuexuan spent a lot of painstaking efforts to swear by the geese, and fell asleep. After the master saw it, he woke him up and let him take care of himself. He felt that he had worked hard for him. He believed that Lang Lichun’s rouge secret was led by him. Underneath, it must be carried forward. After knowing that the peach blossoms will start, Hao Yuexuan quickly went to join in the fun. He happened to meet Awen who visited the peach blossom club and learned that he liked Mo Zhen and encouraged him not to give up. Lang Yueming came to see the float with Long Mozhen. I didn’t expect her to be afraid of high. Mo Zhen wanted to be a fairy when she was brave, but she didn’t even have the courage to stand up. There was no way to let Haishu stand up and spend the flowers. Fairy.

After the peach blossoms began, Gu Haijun sprinkled flowers under the welcome of everyone. I didn’t expect the people who slapped the sedan chair to step on the ground and the soybeans slipped . The sea ​​otter stood on it and kept shaking . Lang Yuexuan ’s hero saved the beauty and climbed up to hug her. , provoked applause from everyone. Gu Xiahe and his classmates went to visit the Peach Blossom Club. They saw that Xia He only made a windmill to ridicule him. Xia He took the windmill from their hands and waited for them to be sent to Lang Qingqing . The prostitute took the lantern and called Miao Lan to send the lantern together. She saw that she couldn’t touch it, deliberately took the carol, and then picked up the lantern and touched it.

Miao Lan and Yangge sent the lanterns in the past, and they saw that Gu Haizhen could take the Lantern’s lanterns. The heart was filled with indignation. The sea otter was holding the lanterns and ready to hang up. I didn’t expect that the sea otters would be squeezed to the side soon after, and the lanterns accidentally burned out. When it was lost, Lang Yuexuan hurriedly let her throw away the lantern and then went up to extinguish the fire. Haiyan looked at the tablet on the temple. I didn’t expect to see Gu Shunqi’s tablet that had been missing for many years. When I was sad, I asked the little teacher about the situation. However, I didn’t get any useful news.

Haiyan took a picture and burst into tears. After seeing Gu’s return, she hurriedly put away her tears and let her rest. Haishu told Xia He that he had already found Gu Shunqi’s tablet, and he had already confirmed it. He decided to find out who was standing on the card to know what happened in the past and keep him secret. Miao Lan told Feng Chunyan that the flower fairy is Haishu. She felt that she was a man with many eyes. She worried that Lang Yueming was too honest and frustrated. Feng Chunyan was very angry after hearing it. He planned to find a marriage for him. He felt that Long Mozhen was very suitable.

Feng Chunyan saw that Lang Yueming was anxious to send the cake to Haishu, so that he would not be entangled with Haishu. Lang Yueming let her not worry about it. She had decided to focus on the workshop. Feng Chunyan specifically looked for Lance, and decided to hand over the Lang family to Lang Yueming. Lang Yuexuan was just a adopted child. He couldn’t be the heir to the Lang family. Lance thought that he was too hasty. After all, he went out of the house and didn’t know how to follow. How do people communicate, after some persuasion, agree with Feng Chunyan’s proposal and prepare to personally bring him to work with Lang Lichun.
Lang Yuexuan gave her hard-boiled geese rouge to Haishu.

After seeing it, she felt that she had seen the best rouge. After she learned that it contained musk ingredients, she worried that the pregnant woman might have a miscarriage after using it. . Lance Year came to the workshop with Lang Yueming, so that he could study well with Lang Yuexuan and the master of the monk. Afterwards, he specially asked Master Shang to take good care of him. Langyue Xuan came to the workshop with Langyue Ming to familiarize and learn. The women workers in the workshop had a lot of arguments. Mrs. Yu told Long Deshui that she was pregnant and said that she must give birth to a child.

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