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The Galloped Era Episode 6

Chang Hanqing ’s sister, Chang Hankun, suggested that the younger brother should quickly hand over Dong Ni’s notebook, which saved people from discovering the political future. She had already bought a train ticket to Guangzhou, so that Chang Hanqing quickly went out to avoid the limelight. Chang Hanqing does not want to leave now, and now the train in the factory has entered the critical moment, he can not withdraw at this time.
Feng Shigao returned to the factory. His right-wing thinking was very serious. He was everywhere to clear the things left by the Soviet experts, and he was clamoring for political review of the thoughts and severing all relations with the Soviet Union. The atmosphere in the factory was very stiff. Feng Shigao met Bai Manning once . He expressed his wish to Bai Manning and asked Bai Manning why he always looked afraid of him. Bai Manning did not answer.

The workers in the workshop took the wrong technical parameters discarded by the Soviets. Now their research work is in a dilemma. All of them were technical indicators of the Soviet Union. Now that the technology has been interrupted, all the parts have been discontinued. The factory manager feels that their electric train has Can’t go on. Chang Hanqing stood up openly and felt that there was still hope, let them give themselves more time.

Feng Shigao found one or two newspapers in Dong Ni’s room. He smelled the smell of washing powder and took it home to study it. Finally, he found that there were really many numbers and passwords in the newspaper. It seems that this newspaper There are many big doorways. Feng Shigao quietly called Jinshuang to the office to close the door and asked her what the newspaper was going to do. Jin was completely confused. She only knew that Dong Niya had thrown a notebook on the train, but she had seen the notebook. There are love poems inside, there is no problem at all. Feng Shigao took the notebook and handed it to him. He felt that there must be something else inside.

Bai Manning happened to have something to look for Feng Shigao. When he heard Feng Shigao’s conversation, she hurriedly sent a letter to Chang Hanqing, and he was wary of the golden splendor. Jin Brilliance came to the workshop to find Chang Hanqing. She asked Chang Hanqing whether there was a secret in the notebook. Chang Hanqing saw that he couldn’t keep going, and told her that there was a technical solution for the igniting tube to deviate from the magnetic field. Hearing here, Jin Jin felt that she had the responsibility to protect the notebook. He heard that Chang Hanqing said that he had not found the secret in the notebook for a while. She took it out with interest and saw the small hole with pinholes on it. Looking at the sun, she found her name on the top, and speculated that Dongnia had engraved her name on it. They thought of the password above. Want to crack this password must find gold splendid.

Chang Hanqing took the golden splendid to find the master who could crack the password. In order to buy the master who cracked the password, Chang Hanqing also specially asked the sister for the ticket and the sugar ticket. Jin Xing took Chang Hanqing and a pair of cloth candy to find the master who cracked the password. Although the master who cracked the password was embarrassed, he promised them in the golden face.

On the way back to the two people, Feng Shigao was seen. Chang Hanqing left a message to Jin Shuang to try to drag Feng Shigao and give the master who cracked the password more time. Jin brilliant said that the notebook was locked in the safe by her, Feng Shigao wanted to see it immediately, and forced Jin Shigao to go to the cinema to watch the movie. Just as white Manning is also there, seeing the golden eyes and Feng Shigao watching the movie with a smile, she thinks that Jin Xing will be betrayed Chang Hanqing, so she quickly reported to Chang Hanqing overnight.

Chang Hankun heard Bai Manning in the yard saying that Feng Shigao had long wanted to pursue the golden splendor. Maybe Jin Jin and Feng Shigao were a group, in order to get the notebook as soon as possible. She stopped Bai Manning from continuing. In order to prevent the situation from expanding, Chang Hankun let Chang Hanqing hand in the notebook earlier. Chang Hanqing felt that there was a national secret technology in the notebook. Now it is not just a notebook. It is obliged to protect it and promise to her sister that once the power train is developed, she will follow her sister to Guangzhou.

The master who cracked the password saw the password overnight. The above is the technical parameters and professional knowledge about the motor vehicle drainage tube. Nothing else. I heard that Jin Jin was finally relieved.

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