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The Galloped Era Episode 5

The Soviet experts’ withdrawal from the middle of the year caused the study of China’s electric locomotives to be interrupted. The people in the workshop asked Chang Hanqing what to do in the future. The superior leaders also let them go to the Soviet experts to send a special meeting. Chang Hanqing is very disgusted. Now that the research interruption is equal to saying that they have made a meal, how can they still happy to send them.

Jin Liang felt that it was not the expert’s intention to let the Soviet experts withdraw from the middle. This was agreed by the superiors. If the mountains don’t turn around, they will be happy with these experts first, and there may be opportunities for cooperation in the future. At the farewell party, Tonya didn’t want to feel very embarrassed. Vasily appeased her. The Soviet government has not pursued the responsibility of Tonya. If she really doesn’t want to go tonight, he can replace Dongnia.

Vasily was ready to attend the farewell party in the evening. When he left, he could not enter the Soviet expert building. Seeing that Chang Hanqing did not attend the evening banquet, Vasily rushed back without confidence. Chang Hanqing saw that it would be okay not to go to the farewell party. He could only find a way to pass on the problem to be solved today to Dongnia. He sent the bacon made by his sister to Dongnia, and also sent sour plum.
Dong Nia saw down the downstairs, Chang Hanqing accidentally dropped the plum, and he bent over to squat. This hint led her to find information from the newspaper wrapped in bacon. Dong Nia quickly wrote up the important parameters that Chang Hanqing needed.

At the farewell party, Chang Hanqing and Jin Shuang interacted with each other, and together they drunk Vasily to drink, try to make time for Dong Niya. Taking advantage of this short and precious time, Tonya was nervous, and these precious materials were enough for her to be assigned to Siberia.
The next morning, it was time to leave. Tony was about to say goodbye to her former lover. She was very sad in her heart. Vasily put the drawings from Chang Hanqing’s gas poisoning into the suitcase. . Dong Nia saw that she was very angry. This is the data research written by Chang Hanqing. It belongs to his personal research and development data, so bringing it back to the Soviet Union is completely stealing. Vasily said shamelessly that he found the above research very useful and had reported to the Soviet experts to turn in.

Tonya looked nervously around the train station. She had not told Chang Hanqing about the important information. The above leaders have already stipulated that Chang Hanqing does not have to send Dong Nia. Jin Xuan can only follow the rules of the superiors. When the train leaves, she hears a familiar accordion sound, and the guards under her command tell Jin Jin to play the accordion only Chang Hanqing. Dong Nia heard the sound of the window and found that Chang Hanqing was looking at her with an accordion under an eaves. Tony was excited to throw the book out of the train window.

Vasily saw that she had quickly closed the window and asked her if she was angry. Chang Hanqing got the notebook, and Jin Shuang also followed. She asked Chang Hanqing to hand over the notebook. It was all in English. The golden splendid nature could not understand. Chang Hanqing lied to her that it was recorded. The love poems also read Jin Jin brilliantly, and Jin Qing listened to the blushing blush, and quickly let him take the book away. Chang Hanqing walked away with a smog.

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