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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 22

Ding slightly weakened and delayed the letter came to town to buy painting materials, they could not help looking at the ice cream eating up late watching Ding letter Sunnie eat a mouthful, approached thoughtfully wiped off. Ding Xiaorou went shopping on the street to buy the necessary materials. After the purchase, the two men came back breathlessly. The boss suddenly took a wallet. Ding Xiaorou discovered that it was her own wallet and thanked the proprietress. She was careful to let her be careful not to put the wallet. Litter.

Ding Xiaorou asked Xiaotian to find another child, help the origami together, and later looked at Xiaorou’s expression, couldn’t help but watched her, and Xiaopeng couldn’t help but see it after seeing the expression of lateness. They also said that they are a relationship between men and women. The late letter was said to be very embarrassing, rushing to find reasons, playing with them cheerfully, Ding Xiaorou happy to watch them beside. After a long time, I looked at the sky. After Ding Xiaorou saw it, he asked for a late letter and he would come over to help himself. Then he took out the megaphone and chatted.

The late letter told her that she liked the environment here, and would not be disturbed by anyone. I hope that time can stay at this moment. After Ding Xiaorou heard his words, his heart beat faster and he walked away. I was worried that the work could not be completed on time. I asked Ding Xiaorou’s progress. Xiaorou said that she was almost ready. She just didn’t know the meaning of the bird in the photo. After hearing the letter, I immediately got the inspiration and knew that my work wanted Expressing emotions.

Ding Xiaorou looked at Chi Xin with ecstasy. After seeing the late discovery, he turned his head and looked at the sky to see the stars. Later, he looked at her with deep affection. Ding Xiaorou was lying on the bed and couldn’t sleep, and found the sound of the bedside moving. I picked it up and found that the other party was late. Both Chi Xin and Ding Xiaorou spoke with a megaphone and asked each other’s wishes. Ding Xiaorou hoped that his work would be liked by Mao. He would like to express his wishes in the hope of staying here for a few more days. Ding Xiaorou heard him. After that, immediately fainted.

The next day, Ding Xiaomo was late and believed that the two men were holding the prepared tools and came to the wall of Ahua’s sister. The two men worked together to make arrangements. The fat tiger and Xiaotian played happily on the side. Yan Liang and his colleagues met and kept swearing over the plan they had proposed. They also said that they could do this program more than later. After receiving a call from Zheng Ze , they immediately went out to see him. After some arrangement, the wall was covered with ginkgo trees, and Ding Xiaorou also took out the secret weapon, saying that it would be a surprise when the evening.

At the end of the night, Mr. Mao came over to check the results. When he came in, he didn’t see the tree disappointed. When he saw the lights lit up, he was moved. He talked about the things that grew up with Lily since childhood. They often date under the ginkgo tree, and this tree It means a lot to Lily, saying that she will wait for her to come back. After listening to the words of Mao Zong, Ding Xiaorou gradually understood the words of Ginkgo and understood the true meaning of love. Zheng Ze hurriedly drove over and asked Xiaorou’s whereabouts, telling Chixin that he had found himself before. The confidentiality agreement was torn off.

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