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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 18

Ms. Ding came over to Ding Xiaorou to cook a table of food, while she abandoned her to be rough, and carefully gave her a dish, let her eat more, after eating and going home with herself, Ding Xiaorou heard a sad face, did not want to go back. Late letter back to his home, habitually scan the code to pay, I did not expect this is not Ding Xiaorou’s home, after seeing the mobile phone network, pay Xiaorou. Ding slightly weakened early in the morning about HE Pearl and South rustle up cafes, to them Tucao Tingma think they go to work every day, do not know they are part-time, and Ding returned to his mother under the ultimatum, let yourself go with her.

Ding Ma bought food and went home to see someone throwing rubbish, eagerly helping her to sort garbage. When I took the bus, I was accidentally hit by people. I was passing by and was passing by and drove her to the hospital. When she was in the car, Ding felt that he was bullying Xiaorou and kindness, and told her to go to the show. He was too late to see the explanation. He planned to call Xiaorou. Ding Ma feared her daughter to worry about herself and let her not call. The late letter claimed to be sent to the work colleagues, let them meet first, and handle a little personal affairs. After checking the injury of Ding Ma, the doctor told her that she was only some skin trauma. There was no big problem. When she left, she met Nanxun. The two men greeted each other enthusiastically. After that, I asked the late letter to entertain Ding Ma.

Lately, Ding Ma didn’t finish the meal early in the morning and introduced her to a bunch of delicious food. She didn’t expect Ding Ma to go to eat the ice cream made by Xiaorou. She had to take her to the coffee house. When Ding Xiaorou saw Ding Ma, he worried that Ding Ma knew that he did not go to work and hurriedly hid. When he planned to slip away, he suddenly called and he was late to pretend to answer the phone and cover Xiaorou. Xiaorou came to the toilet to get rid of it. Dingma suddenly went to the toilet. Lately, she lied that the toilet door was broken. She took her to the men’s toilet. Ding Ma saw his shocked reaction and guessed that Xiaorou was hiding. inside.

When she was in the car, Ding was so angry that she was uncomfortable. She felt that her work was not reliable. She hoped to find a unit to work hard. She told her that the city had a soft dream, and her work was meaningful. Ding Xiaorou learned that his mother’s foot was injured, and asked He Mingzhu about the injury. It was not very serious, and the heart was gradually put down. Ding Xiaorou pretended to go home after a day shift, Ding Ma unrelentingly exposed her, took out the ticket to let her go home with her, Xiaorou said that she had a dream to complete, I hope she can support herself, helplessly leave home.

Ding Ma watched her daughter go out for a long time, worried that she was dangerous outside, found that her phone was not taken at home, and hurriedly went downstairs to find a late letter to help. After I knew it, I quickly came out to look for her. I felt that there was something to discuss at home. I took her back and Xiaoruo came to his hand. I blamed him for looking for himself on the show. Her mother would find it. She is going home. When I was late in my work, I kept thinking of Ding Xiaorou’s words. I quickly searched for Jiang Yuan ’s video at the charity dinner and took her to get the information. Jiang Yuan saw that she was too late to be a little soft and let him I must cherish this girl. Ding Xiaorou kept eating ice cream in the coffee house and felt that they had a good group of friends. They told them that they would go home with Ding Ma.

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