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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 15

Zheng Ze took Ding Xiaorou’s dress in advance and watched her come out gracefully. She was shocked and felt that she was so beautiful. Ding Xiaorou intended to change her clothes and felt uncomfortable after wearing it. Zheng Ze asked her to wear it. Because the evening is very important to her. Ding Xiaorou was very embarrassed at the banquet. When I saw foreigners asking for questions, I answered them in a crappy English. Fortunately, Zheng Ze helped her and showed her design works perfectly. Susan came to the banquet wearing a dress. After seeing Ding Xiaorou, she said something unpleasant.Afterseeing Jiang Yuan, she immediately changed her face. She did not expect Jiang Yuan to care for her.

Jiang Yuan put Susan alone, and pulled Ding Xiaorou to ask her about the meaning of the work. After learning that her English name was snow, she guessed that the window painting of Xueguo Rainbow was also her. Seeing that she did not refute and did not continue to ask questions, let her cheer. After the auction began, in order to be able to display his work perfectly, Ding Xiaorou was nervously writing the manuscript outside, sending a text message after a late letter , telling her about the starry sky outside and encouraging her to succeed.

Ding Xiaorou was nervously showing herself in the evening gown. After she took the stage, she was too nervous to speak. She remembered that she was talking to herself and gave her courage to introduce the intention of her window design to the audience. . After the speech, she was encouraged by many people. Her work won a high bidding price, and Ding Xiaorou burst into tears on the stage. After seeing the late letter in the corner, Jiang Yuan chased him and greeted him. Congratulations, he already had a goal in his heart. Nanxun learned that Xiaorou’s window design was auctioned at a good price. She came to encourage her. After seeing wearing a beautiful evening gown, she felt that Zheng Ze’s eyes were really good. Thank you very much.

Nanxun took Ding Xiaorou to find Zheng Ze, and the couple who met the Taikoo Group and Zheng Ze together, guessed that he was a rich second generation, and the two directly looked at it. Ding Xiaorou found that after Zheng Ze looked over, he left the banquet with guilty conscience. Nanxun hurriedly used her works to cover her. Ding Xiaorou was entangled outside the banquet. There was a strange black man in the corridor secretly taking a camera and taking a picture of her. After arriving, she asked to go to her house to sleep, and two people walked back. After I was late to see the dangerous news on TV, I was worried that I would drive around to find her. Because Xiaorou lost his mobile phone at the banquet, he was very anxious to call it late. He called and told her that she was safe and nervous. The heart immediately recovered.

I was late to believe that a person came to walk on the road. I remembered Ding Xiaorou’s speech on the stage. I was very happy. I saw the grandmother selling flowers on the roadside and enthusiastically bought the words to let her go back to rest soon. When Nanxun learned that he was staying at Ding Xiaorou’s home, she felt that she was a big man. The blind people could see that it was a straight man, and she must be careful. Xiaorou said that she had been wrong before. Will you let the late letter live with yourself. I was happy to return home with a letter, and I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door, I saw Zheng Ze. The two men looked at each other and smiled.

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