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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 8

Lu Yin and Lu Xiang returned to their homes and Lu Xiang’s want to help brother Lu Yin. Lu Xiang wants to evoke the memories of Lu Yin then he take him around the room, and Lu Yin feel strange to seeing everything. Lu Xiang pointed to the photo of the mother on the wall and looked at Lu Yin. Lu Yin suddenly found that the guzheng played by the mother on the photo was the guzheng in the suitcase. LuXiang excitedly told Lu Yin and asked if he had an impression but Lu Yin still looks very awkward. Lu Xiang are comforting Lu Yin because they don’t worry, and the memory needs to recover slowly.

I asked about the current situation of Lu Yin, and Lu Xiang thought that he was asking himself. He was excited to say that the food in the cafeteria was very good, and the deer quickly took over. He urged the deer to strengthen the movement, and the deer complained that he was forced to run by the teacher. Otherwise, he would be embarrassed and shocked. He asked who this person is, and the deer would look at it soon, and quickly contacted Tao. When I saw the information of the deer, I immediately called the deer according to the three people. Deer took a call and interrupted the enquiry, and Lu Xiang breathed a sigh of relief.

Speaking of the company’s business, he educated the deer and let him work hard. The deer rushed to say good things for the deer and praised his brother for his excellentness. Grandma thought that Wei Ran had introduced the girlfriend to Lu Yin and asked about the situation. The deer took over and said nothing. Grandma strongly urged the deer to follow the requirements of his own, and the deer yelled at the habit of reciting the blind date. I can’t accept the deer to refute myself. I am excited to talk about the deer’s mother’s business. If it is not because the mother doesn’t listen to her, she has to marry the deer because she will not lose her daughter so early. The more excited, the fainting will soon be passed, and the deer will quickly take the medicine. The deer can’t control the situation immediately, contact Tao, let her come. From dressing up to talking and doing things, I am very dissatisfied with Tao, but I am still enthusiastic about it.

Tang Shi’s gift with big bag and small bag is in accordance with the requirements of Zong Zong, and Tang Shigang’s probe, before he even greeted him, was detained by the deer, and the deer sang the Tang poem to see his strictness. The Tang poetry shy eyes flashed. Retorted that he came because of the arrangement of the generals. The deer is forced to stay in the situation at the moment, and can’t stay in Tang poetry at home. He also worried that a girl in Tang poetry would go back and forth and could only promise to go back to Tang Shi to reimburse the toll. Tang poetry saw that the deer was related to himself, and there was some joy in his heart.
The deer took the deer because of the first love photo to the deer, and wanted to stimulate him to think of something. The deer did not respond, and the memory of the deer showed a great deviation. The memories he remembered regarded himself as a deer.

Lu Xiang recalled the doctor’s words and understood that for his brother, the pressure on him was too great, so that he had no happy memories at all, so his memory could not be restored.

Tang poetry was polite and beaten in front of him. It is remembered that Tang poetry smashed the deer in front of General Wei. He was emotionally excited and experienced the excellent study distance of Lu Yin. He even scolded Tang poetry. Tang Shi listened to some confusion, she heard I doubted that her ability to work was annoyed, and immediately clashed with him. General Wei saw this, and he said that he would like to bring Tang poetry to visit the door and find a misunderstanding. He told the deer that the news, Lu Xiang felt that the sky had collapsed and had to leave now, but he had not yet gone out, but he met his grandmother. A few people had to return.

Grandma and Yan were not in a quarrel. Under the reconciliation of Lu Xiang and Lu Yin, everyone had dinner together and agreed to prevent Tang Shi from coming over. Lu Yin and Lu Xiang and his team were finally shocked.

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