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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 6

Lu Yin returned to his home and found that Tang poetry wanted to drive him away. Everything on the refrigerator is affixed with a post-it note so that the deer can’t move. Lu Xiang said that she was stingy, and took the bread that Tang Shi had eaten. Tang poetry is useless. The Vietnam War is more and more courageous. Deliberately holding coffee suggests that his identity is different, so that he can move quickly and save the company’s people misunderstanding. Luhan is not only afraid, but also deliberately close to Tang poetry, saying that misunderstanding will be misunderstood. The Tang poetry threatened the deer, but instead was ridiculed by the deer, and the heart was not happy. The result was also told that the colleagues in the deer meeting saw the intimate appearance of the two, and the Tang poetry became more suffocating.

The company met to study the newly developed game problems, and the design and development staff reported that they developed the game products in full accordance with the solutions and technologies provided by Pinocchio, but I don’t know why there are not many users, and there are very few RMB players. The deer listened and immediately pointed out the key points and told them that the positioning of these games was a problem. The game audience developed by the company was young students. These students did not have much money at all, so it is impossible to invest in the renminbi. The developers listened to the words of the deer, such as immediately thought of reducing the difficulty of the game, make a small sample, increase the audience, income will not be affected. Because of the performance at this meeting, Tang Shi’s views on Lu Xiang have changed.

Zong Zong told Tang Shi that he had reported the deer’s affairs to the chairman of the board. The chairman replied that he knew the deer reason very well. There may be some informality, so that they should not be careful. Tang Shi listened to these words, and he couldn’t say anything, he could only leave.

Lu Yin and the teacher were playing, and Lu Xiang and his classmates cheered him around the deer because he was not nervous. Tao Tao worried that the deer was injured and secretly pulled the deer away. He told him to tell him a way to win. He took two palms and stunned the deer, locked him in the school sports room and tied it up. Tao Tao worried that the deer was injured by the teacher, and did not want the deer to lose face in front of the school, so I thought of this method. After he woke up, he found himself tied up and persuaded Tao to let himself go. As a man, the most important thing is credibility, and he must not escape. He looked at Tao and was unmoved. He had to change his method and said that the teacher is a teacher after all, and he would not slap his hand. Tao has some heartbeat, but still do not worry, persuaded the deer to accompany him to eat and chat and chat, when the game time is over, let him go. Because the deer couldn’t convince Tao, she had to follow her and said that she would play with her rock-paper-scissors, let her loose herself, and she wouldn’t be fooled. The deer took another step, tied and played. In a short while, the rope was loose and the deer escaped because of the opportunity.

Lu Xiang several people are also anxious to find the deer, because the Tao has closed the deer’s mobile phone, the phone is nowhere, the deer has to run around, and finally no fruit. Lu Xiang decided to replace his brother and teacher to punch. At the last moment, the deer appeared, and he stood on the downfall and fulfilled his agreement. However, the deer was not the opponent of the teacher at all, and a few punches were knocked down by the teacher. The teacher persuaded him to give up and give up. The deer refused, and he did not lose. The original one was a guy who skipped classes and didn’t learn anything in his classmates. But now he is different. He can’t be hurt by his own students. Tired. The teacher was touched by the perseverance, trustworthiness, and responsibility of Lu, and finally recognized the deer. The students saw this scene and were infected, and they were full of admiration for the deer. The deer standing under the stage looked at his brother, and his heart was filled with emotion. Although the effect is very good, the deer is unable to get out of bed. Originally, the deer and the devil’s classmates admire him, to recognize the deer because of being a big brother, he and Li Haiyang are vying to give the deer a massage, and the deer is sowed.

Before the media, he always announced the company’s newly developed human touch game plan. The news spread to the blood oranges and mutual entertainment. The deer is suspected to be coincidence. Zong Zong pointed out that he always plagiarized the company’s new project. He suspected that someone had leaked the company’s secrets. Deer returned to the office and remembered that the general secretary of the party had fainted at the reception, and he questioned that he always calculated himself. He quietly agreed to drink tea from the cockroaches, and the cockroaches not only refused to admit it, but also took the opportunity to fall into the rocks. The deer is quite rejected. Zong Zonghe and Tang Shi went to the hotel to watch the surveillance and found evidence of the total plagiarism. Zong always thought that this was a problem of total plagiarism, and more importantly, the problem of deer’s irresponsibility. Zong Zong returned to the company to hold a high-level meeting. In public, he pointed out that the deer is irresponsible. Lu Xiang said that he would confiscate his work. Zong Zong released photos of Lu Xiang and Yan, and accused the deer of eating and drinking. Tang Shi stood up and helped. The deer talked about love, and Zong always blamed the Tang poetry for personal malpractice. Moving out of Li Hui forced the Tang poetry to suspend the deer.
The deer was shackled, and the wine was used to eliminate it. Tang Shi went to find him to comfort him, but the deer was bad. The deer returned to the dormitory with exhaustion and talked to her brother and friends.

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