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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 11

Lu Xiang took Alice to the snack street and told her about the origin of the stinky tofu. Alice listened with relish. Tang Shi looked at the two of them with lanterns, and his face became more and more ugly. After a day of shopping, Alice was in a good mood. She urged the deer to go back to paint. The deer did not like her and had to return to the gallery.

Lu Xiang rushed to the gallery to draw because of the end of the game. After putting the painted painting on the drawing board, he sent a text message to tell the deer. Deer received a text message from his brother, and his confidence increased greatly. He pretended to draw on Alice. After a while, she told Alice to paint herself, and quietly took out her brother’s painting, but it was a blank black paper. Alice’s irritating question asked what the deer was. What the Tang poetry waiting for in the downstairs heard Moving quietly, I rushed in and saw Alice accusing the deer. The deer phase picked up the white powder around him and let Alice be safe.

Lu Xiang phase scatters the white powder in the hand to the black paper. Alice’s portrait is immediately displayed. Everyone is amazing, and Alice is a surprise. Very much, you must sign a contract with Luxiang Company immediately.

Lu Xiang and his friends celebrated his brother’s victory and signed a contract with Alice. The friends curious about Alice’s appearance. Lu Xiang took out his mobile phone and showed it to his friends. He took a good heart and followed the deer. The mobile phone, but turned out the deer and Tang poetry to pretend to be a couple to send a video. Tao decided to follow the deer phase from now on. The deer are helpless and ask Li Hai to help them.

Qiu Deren made an idea for him to match Lu Yin and Tao, and Lu Xiang felt that it was a good idea. I told the deer that it was his first love because of Tao. The deer did not believe it. He said that his first love was long hair and waist, and that gentle and sorrowfulness was a book. Deer asked if the deer thought of something, and the deer did not recognize it. Lu Xiang felt that the deer was not right.

Ly Yin reminder, felt that he really liked the pottery, so he decided to show his confession. He gathered Li Haiyang to help themselves, and in the female dormitory downstairs in public. Tao was awakened by her roommate in her sleep. She learned that Lu was showing love to herself downstairs. She was very entangled. She finally went downstairs and accepted the gift lunch box prepared by Lu, and opened it to see two gimmicks.

Lu Xiang also knows that Lu was confessed to the Tao. He was worried that because of his misinformation, he repeatedly confirmed the feelings of the deer because of Tao, and wanted to persuade the deer not to be impulsive. At this time, the deer phase did not come back, Tang poetry lying on the bed can not sleep, the more she wants to get angry, the deer phase is now no night! The phone call of Tang Shi came over and told him to meet in a bad tone. The deer noticed that Tang poetry was angry, and wanted to go back and explain to her, but there was a voice outside the door called Tao Lu. In order to get rid of his brother as soon as possible, Luhan had to sell his brother and tell his brother that he must follow the pottery twenty-four hours after the confession. This is a golden time and cannot be squandered. Lu Yin is deeply convinced.

Tao has rushed into the male dormitory and wants to explain with the deer. In her fantasy, the deer is definitely sad. The deer was holding the pottery, and it was a confession. After the pottery hit the deer and ran back to the dormitory, she decided to temporarily give up her children because she was going to participate in the Taekwondo competition.

Lu Xiang waited for Alice to appear at the press conference. As a result, Pinocchio ran over to inform them that Alice had no contact with her boyfriend because she couldn’t contact now. There is no way to sign today. The deer looked at the reporters who were impatient because they waited too long, and decided to send some gifts to appease them.

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