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Who’s not Rebellious Youth Episode 10

Lu Yin had offended Alice and had to ask Tang poetry to helphim. Tang Shi’s return to Alice’s request is to let Lu Xiang draw a picture of her most beautiful painting and let her find her self-confident self. Although Lu Xiang agreed to Zong Zong, his skills in painting can’t be described in words. I had to go to the deer to draw the deer , but the deer forgot to paint because of amnesia. He painted the deer like a robot. There was no way for the deer to find a doctor and asked how to get the deer to regain the ability to draw.

The doctor gave the deer an idea and needed proper stimulation to remind the deer. The deer turned to help, and he dressed the pottery very beautifully, and let the deer paint the pottery. Sure enough, as the doctor said, the deer was visually impacted and immediately instinctively drew a perfect picture. Tao Tao saw such a beautiful self, bluntly want to collect the words of the deer.

Li Haiyang’s elk invited everyone to eat, and the drunkard drunk and returned home. Tang Shi saw that the deer had a lot of drinking and taught him like a wife. The deer looks like a smile, apologizes to Tang Shi, and asks Tang poetry to forgive him. He promises that he will not drink more. Lu Xiang was slowly approaching Tang poetry by the intention of wine, but he was not drunk, and fell asleep on Tang poetry. The Tang poetry shouted and shouted at him. In a hurry, Shengzhi shouted a toast, and Lu Xiang really woke up. Tang Shi took him back to the room to rest. Deer phase ran to the house of Tang poetry, how can Ladula not go. Tang poetry can only sleep on the sofa.

The next day, the Tang poetry roused the deer, and deliberately teased him to say only half. The deer thought that there was something nervous about the two, and the quilt did not dare to move. The Tang poetry saw him in this appearance and laughed.

Lu Yin joined the music community because of a heart-felt thought. When I heard that the association and the music school were going to compete, I took the opportunity to find the band’s personnel and threatened them that if the deer could help them defeat the music school in the match, they must let the deer Joining their band, the band agreed. The match was originally scheduled to be held in the evening, but because the school temporarily used the concert hall to change the time to two in the afternoon, this was in conflict with the time when the deer agreed to help the deer draw. The deer felt very embarrassed.

Lu Xiang was not able to wait for Lu Yin in the gallery, and he was worried. He calmed the colleagues who came together and let them go first. The other side contacted the deer urgently. He should not be told that he is in the game, let Lu Xiang give him a picture of Alice. The colleague waiting for the following and the Tang poetry gossip, the colleague thinks that the deer is interesting to Alice, and Alice casually said that her dream was to find the gallery of the isolation room. Although Tang Shi’s mouth does not recognize it, his mind is somewhat mindful.

Alice found that Lu Xiang did not paint at all. The angry question asked whether the deer was cheating on her. The deer was in a hurry and explained to Alice that the painting was not feeling right. He took Alice to buy clothes and listened to the deer’s praise. Alice in cheongsam is beautiful, and Tang’s face is getting more and more ugly. In order to delay the time, I don’t want Zong to find a red lantern to match Alice. Zong Zong turned his face and handed the task to the Tang poetry. Tang poetry was not difficult to deer relative to Alice. He heard that he still wanted a lantern and looked at Lu Xiang.

The game of Dein is in full swing. The ensemble of Lu Yin’s band Guzheng and Western musical instruments won the applause and they finally won the game. The deer didn’t have time to receive the prize. He quickly went to the studio and picked up the brush and started painting on the phone. It turned out that Lu Xiang sent Alice’s photo.

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