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Blossom in Heart Episode 20 Recap

The next person dressed Longde Shui to wear the groom’s clothes and told him that Hu’s aunt was uncomfortable and couldn’t drive the car. Zijin let Zhang adjutant replaced him. Long Deshui originally intended to punish him for one month. He thought about the big day and canceled this. Punishment, and then ready to marry the bride. Lang Yueming saw Gu Haizhen’s daily treatment of his face very hard. Thanks to her hard work for many days, Haishu let him adjust his mood and go out to move, which is good for the wound on his face. Lang Qingqing took Gu Haiyu away, secretly put things in her cosmetic case, Lang Yueming hid in other places to wipe the ointment, happened to be hit by the sea otter, explained to her that she did not want her to leave, Haishu told her that this method is to stay Live your own.

At the wedding scene, everyone celebrated with Long Deshui and offered a good gift. After a while, Yi Rongrong took Yi’s hand and walked in. After listening to Haiyan’s words, Lang Yueming took the initiative to go out and explain to Haishu. I have decided to come out. Mo Zhen had long been dissatisfied with Yi Rongrong and secretly changed her cosmetics. The wedding godfather presided over the wedding. Yi Rongrong’s spirit was not good enough to sleep. When she was resting, Yi Rongrong asked Haiyan to come over to make up the makeup. Yi Rongrong was fainted in the whole body.

Shi Jizhou praised the new ability to handle the work, and prepared money for her. She was not willing to accept it. I hope he can let him go. Shi Jizhou let her remember that after Langlichun is over, her wish will be successful. Gu Haijun was imprisoned because of Yi Rongrong’s affairs. After that, Long Deshui sent a bunch of people to Langlichun. After Lang Yueming learned that Haishu was arrested, regardless of the blockade of the people, she would save her. Lance’s years came to count him, so that he should not act impulsively, do things calmly, and make things clear, I believe Haishu will not harm. Human things.

The people of Kunyang knew that Yi Rongrong was disfigured after using the cosmetics of Langjia. A bunch of people were making trouble at the gate of Langfu. Langyue Xuan came out to comfort them, saying that Langlichun could not do such a thing. Kunyang’s rouge boss learned that Lang’s family had such a thing, and they had to change the name of the president of the chamber of commerce. Shi Jizhou said that he was arrogant and let him take the initiative to vacate the president. After Lance’s return home, she was unwell and rushed to let the doctor come to cure the disease. Feng Chunyan worried that someone would stalk from behind, and proposed to give money to Haishu’s family, let her take the initiative to admit that Lang Yuexuan told her that Haishu was already a Lang family. This does not change anything.

Lang Yuexuan came to see the sea otter in prison, let her not worry, things have already happened, everyone faces together, let Haishu remember how Yi Rongrong is allergic, Haishu knows that Yi Rongrong is allergic and serious, I feel that cosmetics are impossible. It will cause such problems, she must be allergic to other things. Lang Qing rushed to find Miao Lan, worried that things were revealed, Miao Lan let her not say it, Haishu is self-defeating, even if she admits this thing, it can’t change anything.

Gu Xiahe walked in the school and was laughed at by the classmates. He said that he had a murderer and sister. Xia Heqi just rushed to talk to them. After seeing it, Lang Qingqing rushed to help drive away them. Lang Qingqing apologized to Gu Xia and told him that he was poisoned in the fragrant powder of Haitang, and that Haitang and Lang’s family were implicated, and he did not know that things would be so serious. Xia He took her to see Lang Yuexuan, Lang Qingqing told them that they were poisoning underneath, worried that the scorpion Miao Lan was implicated, and deliberately lie poison powder was bought in Jianghu Lang. Langyue Xuanlang Yueming came alone to find Longde water, and accidentally the mask fell, and the soldiers saw it after they saw it.

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