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Blossom in Heart Episode 11 Recap

Lang Yue Xuan to the Dragon House to find Gu Haiyu Gu Xiahe to Lang family

Langyue Xuan came to Longhai to find Gu Haijun . However, Long Deshui kept asking and asked him about Mo Zhen’s feeling. Lang Yuexuan did not directly say that he did not like it, but told him that Mo Zhen was like his sister. Long Deshui feels that Lang Yuexuan is deceiving other people’s feelings. Don’t slap with his own mouth. The two people are together with daily life. I think he and Mo Zhen are quite suitable. Lang Yuexuan told him that he came over to find Haitang. She suddenly disappeared. Long Deshui felt that she was being bullied before she left Langfu.

When Mo Yan learned that Lang Yuexuan had come, he immediately held his hand and Lang Yuexuan asked her about the whereabouts of Haishu, told her that her brother was ill, and asked her to go back and see, and then left the Dragon House. Long Deshui feels that Lang Yuexuan is a high-spirited person. He is not a person worthy of entrustment. However, Mo Zhen’s heart only has him, and he does not care what others think. Mo Zhen told Haishu Langfu to come to find someone. Haishu told her that she had already thought about it and decided to go back and face it and go back to completely change her destiny.

Lang Qingqing came to the attic to give Lang Yueming a meal, so that he would not eat or drink, worried that he was hungry, he did not respond, put the rice at the door, he must eat the meal. Gu Haiqi rode a bicycle to the outskirts, and was in a daze on the cliff. Lang Yuexuan drove over, worried that she would jump, hurriedly got off the bus and apologized to her, and put all her responsibilities on herself, asking her to go back with her. Lang Yueming, no matter how he will make up for her with his own life. Haishu told him that he had ruined a girl’s dream. He did not want to believe him again and said that he was willing to go back. The only requirement was to leave with him.

Lang Yuexuan drove Haishu back to Langfu, watching her firm back, and her heart was sad. Lance was worried about Lang Yueming, and came back to visit him. He felt that he had to be good at Haishu. After all, they had done something wrong. When he left, Lance saw the other hairpins on Feng Chunyan’s head. He immediately angered her. Feng Chunyan immediately took off and blamed Miaolan for deliberately doing so, so that Haishu would come over and comb her hair. Lance Year came over to find Lang Yueming to chat, to see that his son was much better, and the heart was gradually put down. Lang Yueming did not want his own things to quarrel. The reason why he was hiding in the attic was not because he was afraid of others. Langley Spring’s gossip. Lance Year asked him not to think too much, thinking that he must be able to face new life again.

Xia He came to Langfu for the sake of Haishu. The whole uncle really couldn’t take him. After that, Haiyan went out to explain clearly. Haishu told him that he came back to get a book, in order to leave the Lang family. Long Mozhen was very ugly because of being ugly. For this reason, Long Deshui specially brought gifts to let her daughter deflate. When she heard Mo Zhen talk about Yue Xuan, she was jealous and angry, and she did not intend to let him marry so early. When Awen saw that Shi Ji Zhou came in, he deliberately pretended to be a serious appearance. However, he was seen by Shi Ji on Monday, so that he must catch up with Long Mozhen.

Miao Lan came to see Haitang with her own things. She learned that she was leaving Lang family and felt that she was brave and told her to comb her hair. Haishu combed her hair early in the morning, saying that she would not hate them, because hate would only add to the troubles. Mrs. Lang said and cried, and felt sorry for her two children, one unfortunately died and the other disfigured. Later When I met the lost child on the road, that person was Langyue Xuan. Mrs. Lang asked her to stay, and after hearing the sea otter to leave, she immediately changed her face and let her leave. Awen met Lang Yuexuan on the street and asked him to give him a support. After that, the two invited Mo Zhen to listen to the drama.

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