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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 2

The fifteen-year-old Ding Xiaorou was playing alone on the street. Suddenly, a pregnant woman spoke with a horn. When she heard it, she was misunderstood as a curse of Xiaosan. She immediately fell to the ground. Since then she has fallen into a difficult abyss, and she will fall into a coma after being refused. However, she does not intend to give up and fight to the fate. The late letter was inexplicably beaten by the buttocks. Looking back at the misunderstanding was done by Ding Xiaorou, pulling her out and constantly looking around at her. Ding Xiaorou was hiding in fear, explaining to him that he was not playing, and told him that he was coming with friends, and that he was misunderstood as a child with narcolepsy when he was a child.

Nanxun looked at them happily. He Mingzhu took aconversation and thought that her method was quite controllable. She could break away from the curse of not being able to fall in love and let her come to the cafe. After I heard her explanation, I felt that it was all edited. How could someone be unable to fall in love because of cursing? It is speculated that she did not want to return a coat and said this lie. Ding Xiaorou saw that he did not believe, and quickly found a person on the side of the road, confessed to him and promised to find a girlfriend within three days. When he left, let the letter of the letter be returned to him.

Ding Xiaorou carefully returned to the company. When he arrived at the company, he was apprehended by the boss. When he was about to leave, Zheng Ze suddenly told Lucy to violate the company’s regulations and could not post the employee’s information on the bulletin board. Lucy angrily let him work hard, then angered and left, Zheng Ze returned the torn paper to Ding Xiaorou, ready to talk with her, but Ding Xiaorou took the paper and left. Ding Xiaorou took his mobile phone and apologized to Wang Te. He did not expect that he had been blacked out, only to know that he thought about it.

Nan Xiao just finished the operation Ding Xiaorou came to the hospital to find her, I think she is too good to bully, if they must be a mad man. Ding Xiaorou worried about the compensation for the crash. Nanxun recommended her to go to the coffee house to be the window design. She had already helped her talk about the salary. Ding Xiaorou was very happy after hearing it. When Ding Xiaorou was eating at home, he accidentally looked at the fungus and became scared. He didn’t expect to see a lot of dust after the late dinner.

Yongzheng prepared a couple to come to the show. I didn’t expect them to be very fierce. Not only did they say that they couldn’t understand the dialect, but they were too late to hear a headache. When they came out, they were ready to look for other candidates. Yongzheng went to see another young couple with a late letter. I didn’t expect them to come to the money. After asking, they found that the girls were underage girls and hurriedly refused them. Zheng Ze took the popsicle and asked Ding Xiaorou to eat. After eating, Ding Xiaorou asked him to help adjust the brightness of the window.

Late in the morning, the coffee house met the couple who planned to invite the show. I didn’t expect them to quarrel because of a small incident. When I was planning to dissuasion, I was pushed to the chair where I put the pushpin and hurriedly sent him to the hospital. The director called to find a late letter, telling him that the above leader decided to cancel the love sandstorm program. I believe that as long as the ratings increase, the leaders will agree to do so.

Ding Xiaorou worried that Nanxun liked to be righteous, because he had confessed to him before, and Nanxun felt that her curse was not credible. After the late letter saw Ding Xiaorou let her go to see Yongzheng, I did not expect to see him and a girl intimate, Ding Xiaorou felt that his curse was fulfilled, and left the hospital in disappointment. Late letter to catch up to comfort Ding Xiaorou, suddenly received a phone call to find an accident escape, Ding Xiaorou nervous, received a call and quickly took the bus to leave, did not expect to return to the apartment and found a late letter.

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