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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 1

Ding Xiaorou took the courage to confess to the people he liked, but they were rejected by them and told that they already had someone they liked. They have been sleeping at critical moments for ten years. Because there are too many cars in the driving school, they all look exactly the same. Every time they come to find a half-day, Dingrou’s personal hand-marking can be recognized at a glance.

The coach was very helpless, and the coach car was not allowed to be modified privately, because the sign was fined 500 yuan for no reason and she was immediately removed. Chi Xinlai came to the car shop to buy a car. He took a big rush and sat in it. The salesman introduced him to the function of the car one by one. Ding Xiaorou was carefully prepared to drive on the road under the coach’s step by step reminder. She picked up the phone and accidentally fell asleep, directly hitting the late test on the road.

Ding Xiaorou woke up from the hospital and found that his neck was injured. The friend Nanxun told him that he had run into a big run. It is too dangerous to drive a person with narcolepsy. It is so dangerous that she can get out of the hospital. Late letter to deal with the new car, let Yongzheng quickly investigate the information of the perpetrators, Ding Xiaorou promised to contact him when he has money. When Ding Xiaorou was preparing to go out of the hospital, he found Wang Telai Hospital to look for her. Before Ding Xiaorou was stunned because he took his refusal call, he hurriedly hid him, accidentally did not pay attention to the men’s toilet, panic. Hurry to apologize to them and leave.

Ding Xiaorou left the toilet and bumped into Wang Te, so he rushed in to take the jacket of the late letter, and wrote the contact information in the place where he was bandaged, saying that he would return him, and then quickly left. After a late arrival, he came to the company and found that his position was replaced. He was confidently talking to him, and he was not ready to leave. The director hurriedly stopped him and told him to arrange a new project for him. Ding Xiaorou returned to the company and found that the leader criticized himself, fled in vain, and went to the store to do things.

The director came to see the new project with a late letter. After reading it, he was ready to pick up the love sandstorm program. He felt that it had no sponsors and stars. He could let go and do it. He felt that he must be crazy and heard one of him. After the words, I am prepared to do it with him. He was busy with his hands and accidentally overturned the water.

He quickly apologized to him and found that he accidentally erased the number on his arm and hurriedly filled the numbers. After the late return to the community, he took the courier home with one hand. On the other hand, Ding Xiaorou also returned home. After receiving the anecdote number given by Nanxun, he was not ready to contact him. He planned to wait for the money and then lose money.

After a late letter, I saw the number on my arm and found that the person I was answering was a man who thought she was a liar. When Chi Xin was preparing to rest, the sound of the machine upstairs was nowhere to be heard. He couldn’t sleep in bed. It turned out that Ding Xiaorou was cleaning with a vacuum cleaner. Ding Xiaorou waited for the bus in the morning, and suddenly a group of pregnant women came to her. After a while, her heartbeat quickly fainted to the ground. Chi Xin was just around, thinking that she was touching porcelain.

She quickly recorded it on her mobile phone, then took her to the chair and called her to the hospital. Nanxun came to Ding Xiaorou and couldn’t fall in love with the coffee house. Ding Xiaorou shared the story of his inability to fall in love. I think this kind of sharing is very interesting, but it seems to be of no use. Nanxun felt that she thought about it. She took her to the next love. After she was optimistic, she beat the butt of a strange boy and left her alone. I didn’t expect to turn around and find that it was late.

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