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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 8

At the reception, Lucy not only vigorously promoted the design plan, but also introduced Zheng Ze to everyone. Zheng Ze is ashamed of the sudden name. Lucy is no longer strong, and a happy reception begins. Later, Lucy specially chatted with Zheng Ze, but Zheng Ze did not appreciate it, refused her kindness, and turned away. At this time, Nanxun just came to Ding Xiaorou , because the waiter crashed with her, a man appeared in time, holding Nanxun in his arms, the original person is Zheng Ze.

Nanxun liked all aspects of Zheng Ze very much, and they both left after they chilled. Nancy came to the bathroom and accidentally bumped into Lucy. Nanzhao deliberately played Ruth and helped Xiaorou to vent. Later, Nanxun came to rescue Xiaorou and told him about bullying Lucy. Little sin sin reduces the standard of being a man. Seeing that she did not have the guts to compete with Ruth, she reprimanded her.

Ding Xiaorou was slumbering because of emotional excitement. Later, he learned from Nanxun that Lucy had impersonated Ding Xiaorou’s work. They both came to the celebration feast and saw Lucy publicly show off his “Snow Country Rainbow” design. At this time, the waiter sent the cake. Nanxun rushed to pick it up. She deliberately stepped on Lucy’s skirt. Lucy planted it into the cake and made a face full of flowers. She screamed and yelled. The machine was troubled, and Nanxun shouted “There is an eagle”. Lucy was scared of the six gods and felt that she was dazzled. She panicked and fell into the pool. Wangte rushed to save her.

Lucy looked for the hotel manager theory. The manager felt that this was caused by her personal mistakes. Lucy insisted that the insider of the hotel would harm her, and let everyone scream “There is an eagle” to confirm one by one.

In the evening, Nanxun and Chixin were prepared to go back to each family. However, because Ding Xiaorou was unconscious, he took out the hospital and had something to do. In Jiaxiao, he was late to believe in the neighbor and asked him to send Xiaorou home. I was unwilling to be late, but I have already left. Late letter Ding Xiaorou went home, accidentally met his ex-girlfriend Jiang Yuan . The two gave up each other, and finally Jiang Yuan gave the car a late letter. After the letter, Ding Xiaorou was placed at the door of the house, but she did not feel free to put her alone here, so she had to sit down and accompany her.

The next day, Ding Xiaorou returned home. After waking up, she only remembered that Nanxun had come to pick her up. She thought she was sending her back. At this time, Zheng Ze called. From the conversation between the two, Xiaorou thought that he sent him back and decided to invite him to have breakfast. On the other hand, Chi Xin expressed a ticket to Jiang Yuan for a music festival. Jiang Yuan guessed it was a late letter. He couldn’t help but think of the university period.

He was late to throw Jiang’s umbrella on the rainy day. And Jiang Yuan with an umbrella to leave. Chi Xin wanted to rekindle with Jiang Yuan, and he carefully planned a date. Nanxun performed surgery on the owner of the bridal shop. I accidentally heard that Lucy had to order a wedding dress with her boyfriend Wang Tewu. After the operation, Nanxun took a taxi to find Ding Xiaorou. When she hurriedly got off the bus, the bag of the bag was caught in the taxi. Nanxun was taken out of the distance and once again fell in Zheng Zehuai.

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