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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 7

The next day, Zheng Zelai worked in the company, received a notice of re-shooting early in the morning, and Ding Xiaorou ’s thank-you message, which made him feel very happy. At this time, Lucy was showing off the window design of “Snow Country Rainbow” in the company. Zheng Zeyi saw Lucy plagiarizing Xiaorou’s design. Lucy pulled him aside and said that Xiaorou signed an agreement with the company, and her design was attributed to the company, not the private property of Xiaorou. Zheng Ze bought the magazines that published the design plan of “Snow Country Rainbow” and handed them all to the workers who collected the waste products.

Xiaorou did not work, the alarm clock rang many times, or did not get up. Until very late, Xiaorou broke the bondage of the bed. Ding Xiaorou wore usual clothes to find a late letter to take up the reshoot, and later she was asked to drop her meal, took out the prepared dress, and sent her a ring, which was said to be sent by the sponsor. Then Zheng Ze came to the program group, and Chi Xin told him and Ding Xiaorou about the program flow. He repeatedly stated that Ding Xiaorou had to answer “I am willing” to meet the requirements of the sponsor. Zheng Ze found a fashion magazine on the late letter desk, and he quickly hid it in the bathroom.

Nanxun saw the design plan published in Fashion magazine, and immediately called Ding Xiaorou, Ding Xiaorou came to the book stall on the street, and pulled out the fashion magazine from the car that collected the waste products. It was Lucy, Ding Xiaorou suddenly remembered that Lucy had asked her to sign a commission contract before she realized that she had been deceived. Ding Xiaorou was so angry that she was convinced that she was being robbed of the fruits of her labor and comforted her while pulling Get her hands off. At this moment, Zheng Ze suddenly appeared, mistakenly thought that the late letter to Ding Xiaorou’s plot is not good, forced to push the hand of Chi Xin, Ding Xiaorou untied misunderstanding, late letter to help them complete the reshoot, Ding Xiaomoo Zheng Ze finished dinner I went home.

In the evening, Ding Xiaorou returned home, from the online investigation to the price of the ring sent by the sponsor, it moved the thoughts and decided to sell it to pay off debts. However, because of the conscience, Xiaorou not only sold the ring, but also decided to give it back. The late letter lied that it was bought for 15 yuan, so that Ding Xiaorou kept it as a memorial.

After the letter and the team members stayed up all night, they finished the production of the program. They were late to bring the team members to the dinner party, and invited Ding Xiaorou to participate. When Ding Xiaorou went to the bathroom, she accidentally saw Lucy and Wang Tee hot together. She couldn’t dodge, Lucy took Wang Te to Ding Xiaorou. Late letter just went to the bathroom, Ding Xiaorou Lingji made a late letter overtime boyfriend, Lucy sneered at Ding Xiaorou, satirizing her three hearts and minds, late letter will count on holding Ding Xiaorou, lied that they are in contact, Lucy sneaked away. Ding Xiaorou drank a lot of wine in one go, and soon drunk and unconscious.

Lucy advertised her design at the company’s reception. The peers felt that this was very different from her previous design philosophy. Lucy quickly rushed to the topic. Nanxun received a message of Ding Xiaorou’s drunkenness after surgery. She immediately came to the bar and ran out of the person. She couldn’t fall to the side of a man’s arms.

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