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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 6

The Ferris wheel suddenly stopped in midair, Ding Xiaorou was so scared that he grabbed the railing and thanked her for nothing. He was late with a mobile phone and wanted to contact but did not signal. Ding Xiaorou cautiously asked him if he was insomnia. He was late and hesitated to admit it. Ding Xiaorou It is said that insomnia is to comfort others in the dream of others. Although he is surprised that he is comforted, he still sincerely thanked her. Ding Xiaorou is sincerely grateful to Chi Xin’s program for her hope to believe that she still has the opportunity to have love.

Remind her of the nature of the show, Ding Xiaorou is very optimistic that he is very satisfied. The security guard rushed to say that it was an hour to repair the power failure. At this time, Ding Xiaolu stared at the late drinking water and remembered the picture of the two kissing last night. I felt her strange letter and asked him if he had something to say. Ding Xiaorou, who was very tweaked, said nothing. In the end, he did not hold back and asked if he was kissing. Last night, they were kissing. When the letter was delayed, the Ferris wheel suddenly moved again.

Ding Xiaorou was scared and directly fainted late. In the letter, holding Ding Xiaorou’s late letter, she found that she was listening to music, and couldn’t help but take the earphones into her ear. The two listened to a song together. After a while, the Ferris wheel was repaired and she was holding Ding Xiaorou down. Zheng Ze received After holding Ding Xiaorou to the infirmary, Zheng Ze carefully took care of Ding Xiaorou who woke up. Chi Xin also took a box of cold granules and appeared in the infirmary. However, he did not show it at the end. He only said that there are plans for confession to discuss with her.

Chi Xin took out two plans for Ding Xiaorou, one is fireworks and one is fireflies, Ding Xiaorou chose fireworks. Ding Xiaorou, who has made good makeup, is not nervous this time. The staff are betting that Ding Xiaorou will not confess success, and he will bet on success. The confession was finally started. Zheng Ze expressed his deep feelings and changed the fireworks in the script into artificial snowflake.

The romantic atmosphere of the scene Zheng Ze reached out and asked Ding Xiaorou to touch the love when Ding Xiaorou fainted, and he was nervous and got up and lost his mobile phone. know. Ding slightly weakened glad I was finally successful confession, through our analysis, since the end of Ze program no longer contact her, and we just feel the effect of the program only, Ding slightly weakened and finally had to admit that she might be poor male guests only, South sough recommendations She went to ask for it, and Ding Xiaorou’s dejected curse of love was not broken.

After the letter and his men were checking the video of the program, they sighed the first guest who dared to change the script of the director. Chi Xin didn’t think that he would like to thank Zheng Ze, but after checking, he found that the artificial snowfall was worn, and no one would notice Yes, but the late request for perfection can not pass away, and at this time Ding Xiaorou took the phone to think about how to send a message to Zheng Ze, a question called Ding Xiaorou thought for a long time, some Tianren battle finally Ding Xiaorou information did not send out. Ding Xiaorou has been staring at the phone all day, and finally received a credit card repayment notice, Ding Xiaorou was not able to die. Zheng Ze returned to the company to meet Lucy’s sister. Lucy asked him to organize the designer of the window design. Zheng Ze recommended Ding Xiaorou but was rejected by Lucy.

Ding Xiaorou went to the company downstairs and was very entangled to go up, afraid to meet Zheng Zezhen in the company, after some battles finally went upstairs. Ding Xiaorou, who was careful not to be touched, was deported by Lucy. He was lately submitted to Mao to submit ten sets of proposals. He could post-process without re-shooting, but Mao always insisted on making up the film, and I was willing to answer.
Chi Xin waited for the elevator to see Ding Xiaorou hitting the glass door. By the way, she told her to make a make-up tomorrow. She looked at her little interest and reminded her that Zheng Ze would come. She looked at Su Yan’s Ding Xiaorou and let her make a bottom, tomorrow. Without a makeup artist, Ding Xiaorou practiced makeup all night.

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