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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 4

In the early morning, I was late to come to the TV station, and my colleagues asked the nets to collect the information of Ding Xiaorou , decided to use Xiaorou’s emotional experience to make the program, and vowed to swear that the next audience rating was 2.0, so that the colleagues cheered. Afterwards, he was late to hold a conference room and decided to change the love sandstorm into a reality show. It is no longer to attract older audiences, but to newcomers.

In order to let the program proceed as scheduled, I was late to find Xiaorou to chat. Xiaorou sees that he is deliberately bullying himself, and lied that the contents of the notebook are all made up. Chi Xin sincerely cooperates with Xiaorou and hopes that she can participate. Late letter to Xiaorou explained the revision of the love sandstorm, Xiaorou can delay the repayment, and the rating of the late letter is improved, achieving cooperation and win-win.

The next day, Ding Xiaorou prepared to go to work by car, found that his information was exposed in public, everyone pointed her to her, so Xiaorou was very angry, decided to find a late letter. On the other hand, Chixin decided to make the program bigger and more formalized for the sake of the program. After the cursed girl was exposed, everyone was very much looking forward to cursing the girl’s story, even the cursed girl’s looks. In order to stabilize the program ratings, Chi Xin also promised Xiaorou that the appearance of male guests is a good choice. Xiaorou was very happy when he thought of this.

Before the show started, Ding Xiaorou’s stomach suddenly became painful. The makeup artist had a good luck with Xiaorou, but Xiaorou didn’t care. At this time, she only wanted to solve the three urgent needs of the person. At the beginning of the show, Xiaorou wore a beautiful dress to appear, and it was inevitable that she would be happy for her. In front of Xiaorou, all of them are a group of handsome guys around the mask, so Xiaorou does not know how to choose, the people present are more nervous than Xiaorou, let her make a choice quickly. Lately worried about the effect of the program, let the assistant help out, Xiaorou looked at the assistant’s instructions and looked at the choice. But the late letter is still too soft and slow, and she reprimanded her. Xiaorou is very angry, free to send roses, lie that the hungry affects the brain. I was too late to say that I was too soft and had to eat.

Xiaorou returned to the rest room and took out a packet of instant noodles to prepare for food. At this time, a female colleague gave Xiaorou a takeaway, and Xiaorou refused her kindness and decided to eat instant noodles. On the other side, I was late, because the rice was cold, I was also eating instant noodles. He watched Xiaorou being instant noodles in the air and shouted at the side. Xiaorou finished eating instant noodles, inadvertently heard the male guest chewing her tongue at the back, making her very wrong. Xiaorou can’t cry, the people in the program group can’t find Xiaorou, and they tell everyone to look for Xiaorou. Late in the lounge, I heard Xiaorou’s self-confidence, and felt uncomfortable for her, and secretly gave her some time to sort out her emotions.

Xiaorou arranged his mood and glared in the show. The male guests present invited her to dance one by one, so that Xiaorou did not know who to choose. This, in turn, worried about the lateness of the off-site, worried that Xiaorou had a choice syndrome. When Xiaorou danced with the male guest, she was worried that she would be immersed in it, and the male guest would be aside, but she would stun and stun in the stage, then Xiaorou accidentally knocked over the things, just when she was about to fall. , Ze suddenly appears, slightly weakened in his arms.

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