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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 15

Gong Chen was injured in the hospital, Ma Menglu has been with him. Gong Chen confessed that Meng Lu had promised himself to stay with Gong Chen to give birth to his child. Monroe was a little embarrassed, but she did not refuse it. She only hoped that Gongchen could recover from illness as soon as possible, so she reduced her fears. On the other side, Long Yuqian took Ann to come to the private theater to watch the movie. The two watched the same movie, but the reaction was completely opposite. Long Yuqian tried to find out whether Anning knew it very early, and he was worried about the incident, and rushed to find an excuse to fool the past. Long Yuqian was fascinated by the rhetoric of tranquility and no longer pursued the fault of tranquility.

In the river, summer and easy to Mingjun talk Hao Qian Long of peaceful feelings, if not the experience so much, they are hard to believe Hao Qian Long of peace was serious. Yi Mingjun tested whether he wanted to clear out of the entertainment circle in the summer. In summer, she said that she prefers to stay with her friends than the actors. In the summer, Yi Mingjun is willing to raise his own life. Yi Mingjun is very shocked by the sudden affirmation. He is determined that he can take care of the summer for a lifetime and be a successful breeder. Yi Mingjun was very happy and held up his cheeks in the summer.

William informed Miner that he was about to leave, and that he would not be with him for a year. Miner advised William to stay, otherwise the peace would be Long Qianqian together. William has already seen it, knowing that tranquility is destined to be with Long Haoqian. Miner said that his parents are pokeing their marriage with Long Yuqian. If William does not work hard, Long Yuqian will be with himself in the future, leaving only one person to be peaceful. William is determined to leave, no matter how sensitive Miner persuaded himself to stay.

Long Yu Qian came to settle down, and the peaceful mother refused to communicate with Long Xiaoqian because of the large gap between the two backgrounds, and because of the appearance of Qian Qian’s mother, the peaceful mother thought that she could not climb high. Long Yuqian worried about his identity background and influenced his relationship with Anning.

He decided to leave the Longteng Group and start from scratch. The peaceful mother asked Long Haoqian not to just say no, from Long Haoqian to change himself from doing housework. The peaceful grandfather and the peaceful mother deliberately sought the troubles of the dragon, and made him busy. Fortunately, Long Haoqian did not complain, and worked hard to do every housework. The peaceful mother looked very happy in his eyes, and his grandfather’s impression of Yu Qian also changed, gradually recognizing the relationship between tranquility and Qian Qian.

The peaceful grandfather told Ann Qiang that there was a sister in Anning. It turned out that Anning had a sister called An Yi, but she died early. When she was able to restore peace to her, she chose to jump off the building and commit her own cornea. peaceful. Peace has not been relieved because of this incident, although the light is not desirable for peace, but if it is exchanged for her sister’s life, she would rather not.

The next day, Long Haoqian started breakfast for everyone and got praise from everyone. The four people are preparing to take a seat. At this time, the dragon always visits suddenly. The peaceful parents are very happy with the visit of the dragon. The dragon always opened the door and said that today is to come to mention the relatives. Anning and others have no opinions. At this time, there is a problem in the Longteng restaurant. Long Haoqian is worried that the customer’s stomach pain will have an impact on the company, so he will come to the company for the first time. There was a problem with Longteng.

The entire company’s employees were uneasy and did not know how to spend this thief. On the other hand, the chef in the kitchen was leisurely because of this, and the customers could not make an appointment on weekdays, but now they have been canceled. Longteng continued to ferment on the Internet. Although Gongchen was lying in the hospital, he was very angry because of this. Ma Menglu worried about the impact of Gongchen’s illness and let Gongchen stay in the hospital for treatment.

Long always came to the company to find Long Yuqian, and said that he would make his marriage with Anning public, and set their marriage date to the sixth day of the lunar calendar next year. Long Haoqian saw his father so heartfelt, he had already been full of enthusiasm, and he did not know what to say. Long always handled the lifelong events of Qian Qian and turned and left. Long Haoqian Xiaolong always has to take care of himself. This long-lost care is very valuable to Long. Then Long Haoqian turned his head to the kitchen, and the chefs were still ready to prepare meals. Even if there was only one guest left on New Year’s Eve, they would not slacken. With the words of Long Yuqian, everyone was fighting with the blood of the chicken, and the kitchen returned to the usual atmosphere.

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