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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 14

Ma Menglu was very moved by Miyachen ‘s concern for her. She told Gongchen that she wanted to get married. Gongchen told her that marriage is a trivial matter. They discussed the birth of a child, and Gong Chen inadvertently mentioned his ex-wife, Ma Menglu immediately quarreled with him and drove him away.

The next day, Long Yuqian ’s mother went to the tranquil home. Anning mother entertained her very warmly and also called her family. Long Yuqian’s mother looked like a arrogant person, and said that Ann and Yong Xiaoqian were not suitable, and said something that was hard to hear. Anning mother heard that Long Yuqian’s mother said that her daughter was immediately welcome and drove her out.

Easy Wise King asked in the summer like it or not themselves, but also told him that he is very fond of summer, Biron Hao Qian love for peace is even like it. In the summer, I asked Yi Mingjun to think that Long Yuqian and Ping An are worthy. He also said that Long Yuqian’s mother may not accept peace. She is worried that peace will be hurt. Yi Mingjun’s understanding of Long Yuqian makes her feel relieved.

Ma Menglu and Gong Chen got off work together, and Ann followed him and saw the former Monroe boyfriend. Through her deliberate function, she knew his identity, and also knew that he hired someone to hurt Ma Menglu and immediately called Gong Chen. The phone was on the call, and the peace immediately ran over. I saw a group of people holding the iron bars around the palace and Ma Menglu, but the peace was stunned. Ma Menglu ran away. They tied Anning and Gongchen to the car and fled. Miner immediately called and told William Ann that something went wrong.

Long Yuqian’s mother rushed back to Long Haoqian. Long Xiaoqian heard that her mother went to the tranquil home and said that she would not give up her peace. If someone dares to hurt her, she will certainly protect her at all costs.

Anning and Gongchen were tied to an abandoned factory, and the kidnappers wanted to make peace of mind. Gong Chen was kidnapped to stop him. The gangsters worried that they would leave them and escape. The next day, the police and Long Yuqian rescued them and immediately sent them to the hospital. William knew that there was a fist in the fight of peace, but fortunately, there was no danger to life in Gongchen, and the peace was hit by the head, so it was not out of danger.

Mom and grandfather heard that Ann’s accident immediately rushed to the hospital, and the tranquility was unconscious. The doctor said that the peace had been out of danger. Long Yuqian took care of the tranquility in the hospital, and brought a white dress that he carefully selected for tranquility. When the peace is good, he must bring peace to the ball and have a candlelight dinner. In the dream, Anning dreamed of Dad, and Dad told her that she had more important people. She also saw Long Xiaoqian pulling her hand and letting her go home.

At this time, the tranquility of the manual was a bit, and finally woke up, she told Long Xiaoqian that he was much more handsome than he is now. On the other hand, Ma Menglu took care of Gong Chen, and she blamed themselves for the accident of two of them. Long Yuqian prepared a very light lunch for Anning. Anning only wanted to eat meat and pouted. Long Yuqian told her that he would take a peaceful ride to watch the movie as long as he had eaten. Anning immediately ate the meal.

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