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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 13

Long Yuqian looked at the “How to please the wife’s mother thirty-six” in the office. How do the learners please the future mother-in-law. Anning sneaked into the dining room to watch the summer. William heard the voice recognizing Ann and immediately shouted at her and gave her a meaningful hug. It was their meeting four years later. They chilled, and William asked for contact with Anning. Peace did not expect William to keep his photos four years ago. William told her that she thought about her for four years and let Ann wait for her own phone call.

Zhan Zhao was locked in the door by his home, and Zhan Zhao thought about it. When William met the summer at the hotel entrance, he greeted him . At this time, Yi Mingjun came over and took her away with some jealousy. Yi Mingjun sent the summer to the hospital, and accidentally dropped the phone in Yi Mingjun’s car in the summer. It happened that William called the phone and was picked up by Yi Mingjun. He asked the summer to think about what he said during the day, and said that he would handle some things at the bar in the evening and hope she could appear. Yi Mingjun thinks that William must want to pursue the summer and immediately go to Long Haoqian to accompany himself to the bar.

William is preparing to confess at the bar. He met the girl at the bar four years ago. He asked her to meet her again today. He held a bouquet of roses in his hand to prepare for the confession. On the side of Yi Mingjun and Long Yuqian thought that he would confess to the summer, some indignantly smashing the scum, eating the bowl and thinking about the pot, so he still wants to pursue the summer. William slowly stepped down and the object of the confession was peaceful.

He missed the peace four years ago, so he will never give up this opportunity today. Long Yuqian saw a scene in front of his eyes widened his eyes and tried to shoot but was stunned by Yi Mingjun, urging him to calm down. He confessed to Anning, and everyone clamored for them to be together. Peace was close to him and whispered something, then the two hugged. Long Haoqian finally couldn’t help but hit William.

Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun hit the nose and face, and I learned that I immediately rushed over. Long Yuqian slammed Anning and William Dating for a bit too much. Anning told him that he said in William’s ear that he already had someone he liked. Anning said that he was childish, but Long Haoqian slammed that the peaceful mind was hollow and believed in William. Anning told him that the monkey was clever and asked him to find a mother monkey. Anning asked Long Haoqian to apologize to him, otherwise everything would be avoided and he would leave angrily. After leaving, Long Yinqian pretended to be a very hard-eyed appearance to Yi Mingjun that he would never apologize to William.

The next day, Long Haoqian was guilty of the phone and always looked forward to peace and contact with himself. Finally, I couldn’t help but dial the phone of peace, but the other party was busy. At this time, Anning was in the hospital with the summer mother in the summer, but fortunately the operation was very successful. Summer Mom asked why Yi Mingjun did not come to see him in the summer. He looked at Yi Mingjun very kind and very good. He must be better for her in the summer.

Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun were drinking at home at home. For the whole six days, there was no Yi Mingjun, Yi Mingjun was a little sad, and he was stunned by the woman. Anning mother took her summer mother back to her home. Grandpa proposed to let Ann and the summer to worship as a sister to become a family. When talking, Long Yuqian took a bunch of roses to the door, and the voice just fell, Yi Mingjun also presented gifts to the door. Anning mother is very satisfied with Long Xiaoqian’s appearance, and even some doubts are the male models that Anning wants to escape from blind date.

Anning mother asked about the situation of Long Yuqian’s family. Summer mother also asked Yi Mingjun and Long Yuqian’s plan. Yi Mingjun said that he can marry at any time. Long Haoqian immediately said that he and Anning were already a de facto marriage. The face of the grandfather immediately pulled down and called the peaceful mother to the yard. It turned out that the two people were very satisfied with Long Haoqian. Grandpa said that he would arrange for both parents to meet and set the wedding date.

Ma Menglu ’s ex-boyfriend robbed Ma Menglu’s cash at Ma Menglu’s home and slaps her. In the elevator, Zhan Zhao met him and heard the sadness of Ma Menglu crying in the house to ask the situation. Ma Menglu closed his door. In the evening, she called Ma Menglu to the downstairs to ask for money. Zhan Zhao met and immediately attacked him. Zhan Zhaoben wants to report to the police. Ma Menglu is worried that he will not hesitate to deal with his family.

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