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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 10

Ma Menglu went to the palace to cook at home, and Gong Chen saw that table was very disgusting, and the two were lifted. At last, Ma Menglu’s toes went high, and Gongchen took a sip of the table and then spit it out.

Anning and summer clothes in the room, Fang Xiaoli ran in happily, letting Ann wear this set when she went to blind date, and she wanted to refute, but Fang Xiaoli changed her blind date to tomorrow. This makes peace very speechless. In the summer, why did Anning not announce the romance, and still have no courage to speak. Summer does not dare own mother said, and easily could maintain things, she was afraid of being easy to Mingjun press.
The original thing that Kong Lin had to hand over to Angel was to let her live in Long Yuqian . On this day, Angel took her baggage to Long Xiaoqian’s house. Long Yiqian and Yi Mingjun were very surprised. They didn’t say anything, but they hurried back to the room.

Long Yuqian was very upset. He wanted to explain to Anning, and Yi Mingjun did not expect Long Yuqian to be so afraid of peace. Yi Mingjun told Long Xiaoqian that this time he really moved his heart to the summer. He used to think that it would be good to have to give money as long as he likes to fall in love, but he thinks that he will only give money very much, even if he is in the summer. I have come to life later.

In the summer, Long Xiaoqian laughed Yi Mingjun and promised that Uncle Yi stayed in the country to return to his company. But Long Haoqian is no better than where to go. He said that if he left peace, it would be like being abandoned by the whole world. When Angel heard this sentence at the door, she quietly left.

Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun waited at the door of Anning in the early morning to prepare to pick her up and go to work in the summer. The two also took the initiative to explain the things Angel lived in his own home, and sincerely indicated that they would move to the Longteng Hotel. Kong Lin sent people to Longteng kitchen to find peace. Anning was nervously sitting next to Kong Lin. Kong Lin was the first to look down on tranquility and let her leave Long Yuqian. She thought that Angel was the right person for Long Haoqian. Anning always thought that Long Xiaoqian was missing maternal love from childhood, until today, when she saw Kong Lin, she discovered that Long Xiaoqian had never received maternal love. Her righteous remarks returned to Kong Lin, who was an incompetent mother and never I really understood Long Haoqian and said that I’m gone. Kong Lin couldn’t speak.

Long Yuqian suddenly had a headache. The girl once again appeared in her mind and called his name to hate him. He pressed his head and feared that the criminal was himself, fearing that he would not be worthy of peace. When Anning returned to the kitchen, she was absent-minded. She was upset and decided to go to Long Haoqian. Long Yuqian was also ready to go to see her, Long Yiqian thought that peace was still angry and wanted to explain, but tranquility took the initiative to hug him.

Long Yuqian’s headache started again. He said his own fears, fearing that he was a criminal. The memory of tranquility entering Long Yiqian suddenly fainted. In the memory, she saw that Long Yuqian was beaten by two men in a forest. After he passed out, he was sent to the hospital when he woke up. When he woke up, he saw a girl being seen. Sent to the emergency department. Peace does not understand who sent the hospital to Long Hao, and why it was beaten. Peaceful waking up slowly, Long Yuqian also saw that he was not a criminal, and finally sighed, but how worried he was during this time because he was a criminal and would be rejected by peace. Anning was very moved when he heard this sentence.

Anning has entered the memory world of Long Xiaoqian three times. Every time and place is different. She asked Long Xiaoqian whether this is random or an opportunity. Long Yuqian thought carefully and replied that for the first time, after a fierce collision, the second and third times had a common consciousness. Anning seems to understand something. She guessed that they recalled a memory at the same time, which led to the emergence of a common sense, attracted by a strong consciousness, and Long Haoqian thought that he would soon be able to restore his memory. Tranquility continues to say but it is only its own guess.

Yi Mingjun went to the studio to watch the summer. In the summer, she received a call from her mother in the hospital. Then the two immediately went to see her mother lying in the hospital bed. It was very sad in the summer. Yi Mingjun stayed with the summer and told him that he would take good care of him after the summer. they. Zhang Zhaohui called Long Yuqian to the office and asked him to call him in the birthday of Kong Lin. Anning at this time in the coffee shop and a man blind date, the object of the blind date is the type she likes, originally decided to say five words to go, the result is that the man is very gentleman and humor, peace and his chat very happy.

Angel, about to go to the outside, wants to talk to him, but the result is that in the coffee shop, the peace and the blind man are talking and laughing, and the heart is full of jealousy. Anning saw that Long Xiaoqian’s smile gradually disappeared, and the flower in his hand was still there. She was very disadvantaged. She immediately came to see Angel after her arrival. John, who was originally a peaceful relative, was also a friend of Angel. Then he sat privately and chatted together. Long Haoqian and tranquility opened the mutual mode. John left, and Angel followed. Long Yuqian and Aning were still in mutual enthusiasm, and they got up and left peacefully. Long Haoqian had a princess holding the peace into the car.

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