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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 8

Long Hao Qian will tranquility to the old house, Long Hao Qian grin on his face, in my mind brain supplement the two men tell each other, and finally kissing. Long Yuqian sneered, and decided to confess with Anning again. Anning said that it was too late, and worried that it would be scolded by her mother when she went back too late. Long Haoqian put Anning on the chair, but did not intend to accidentally hurt the peace. Peace and sorrow, Long Yuqian is a wolf in sheep’s skin, and he doesn’t know what he thinks. Yan Qian was a little embarrassed. At this time, his stomach suddenly rang. When he saw that he had not eaten all night, he cooked it for him.

Long Hao Qian just wanted to confess with the tranquility, but suddenly the power was cut off at home, and the peace rushed into the arms of Qian Qian. Anning told Qi Qian that he had dark phobia and asked him not to think too much. Anning told her about her experience. It turned out that Anning had been blind. Until she was fourteen years old, a fairy gave her eyes to peace. From then on, she could see everything in the world.

Although many times, peace and hate hate this function, but she is also happy when she thinks that she can help others and solve the urgent needs of others. Long Yuqian recognized her statement that if the peace lost her eyes, then the two could not meet. Suddenly, Long Yuqian confessed to tranquility, and the peace of mind accepted it. When the atmosphere was sweet, the two kissed, joked, and did the daily work between the couples.
In the evening, I received Yi Mingjun ’s confession in succession in the summer . Although Yi Mingjun is about to leave the city, but is not ready to give up the pursuit of summer, but decided to be able to touch her in the following days, successfully won the summer.

The people of the L Group did not show their good intentions to Long Hao, but they were successfully smashed back. Long Haoqian returned to the company with peace, and Ma Menglu was shocked to see the intimate appearance of the two. Anning came to the kitchen to cook, her cooking did not progress, and Gong Chen pointed out the problem of tranquility. And tell her that if you want to cook a good dish, then you have to abandon your mood and be able to make a good meal.

Long Hao Qian came to Lin Qingqing, birthday party, and the chairman of the board, Lin Lin, gave Long Haoqian a choice of people, so that he would soon become a family. Lin always has this intention, but Long Yiqian does not mean this. Also swearing that Lin has only valued money, status, and interests in this life, and left her alone, regardless of her personal feelings.
Today is the day of the national food competition. Long Haoqian specially loaded the Anning competition.

The people of Longteng Group just got off the bus and they were soured by the L group that they had caught up with. Long Yuqian took peace and walked away, watching a couple kissing at the river. Long Yiqian proposed to try it, but he was stunned by the tranquility of the name, and Long Haoqian had to be awkward. Long Yuqian told Anning that the place here is called “Flower Good Moon”, and anyone who comes here will want to fall in love. Anning knows that Long Yuqian is implying that he is complacent with him.

In the contest, Anning proposed to change the entry, and the referee allowed Anning to qualify for the dish as long as it was made within the specified time. Tranquility recalls the sweet past that has come along with Long Haoqian, and will be in this whole dish. The dishes are very satisfied with the tranquil dishes and praised them. The referee was very interested in the peaceful dishes. After the inquiry, he knew that the dish was called “Tianci Liangyuan” and was the master dish of Anning Dad.

The peaceful mother turned out a set of wedding dresses in the peaceful wardrobe. The satire could not find a man, but the wedding dress was prepared early. The peaceful mother made a move and guessed that the marriage of tranquility may not be in the country, but went abroad. I hope that Ann will come back with a foreign son-in-law. The peaceful grandfather and the peaceful mother directly find an alien to come back, and the child born will be smarter. When you think about peace, you are happy.

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