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Walk Into Your Memory Episode 6

Yi Mingjun sent the summer to the hospital. The doctor told him that the summer was due to excessive fatigue. In addition, the mental stress was high, which led to coma, allowing Yi Mingjun to give the patient enough rest time to wake up. When the doctor left the front foot, Yi Mingjun received a call from the debtor. I realized that I had misunderstood the summer.

Long Yuqian tried to findout what the Anning contract was considering. The tranquility was so cold that Nana and Xiao Zhong had a wedding at the Longteng Hotel. Long Yuqian doubts what purpose tranquility has, and peace advises him to speak. The two of them were eating nightingales. At this time, Yi Mingjun called Long Xiaoqian, saying that it was related to the summer, so let Ann followed.

The debt collectors let Yi Mingjun and others even bring out 350,000 yuan of money, of which 200,000 yuan is the principal, and the interest rate is as high as 150,000. Peaceful, but want to go up and discuss a statement, but was stopped by Long Haoqian in time. At this time, the owner of the debt collection, Jin San, suddenly appeared. He explained the misunderstanding and hurriedly, saying that as long as 200,000 of them are still available. Yi Mingjun will return the money to Jin San, and let them not let their men be better for the summer, otherwise they will be welcome.

After going back, Yi Mingjun told Ann to stop telling the summer about it, so as not to cause misunderstanding in summer. When Anning heard the words of Yi Mingjun, I found out that Yi Mingjun was really moving towards the summer. Anning and Long Yuqian left together, and Yi Mingjun chose to stay to take care of the summer. Anning and Long Yuqian talked about the past memories, and Qian Qiang was confronted with tranquility, and the peace was fainted.

Anning saw Long Yuqian appear in the ward, because he saw a patient shouting his daughter’s voice, and the memory of Qian Qian was fainted. Long Yuqian sent Anning back to the hospital, and the doctor told him that Anning was just asleep. Long Yuqian woke up peace, and Anning woke up the first sentence, who is the woman. Anning told Long Yiqian that he had just gone to the memory world of Qian Qian. At this time, the peaceful mother called and the peace had to come home without stopping.

When Ma Menglu returned home, he found himself being tracked and took up the anti-wolf spray. When she saw a palace Chen was shocked when. Ma Menglu invited Gong Chen to enter the door. After chatting, he found that the two were actually neighbors. Ma Menglu’s unreasonable ridicule of Gong Chen, not only said that his face value is low, but also does not forget his emotional intelligence is low. Gong Chen gas, but directly with her, let Ma Menglu have a new understanding of men. Monroe does not recognize, she thinks that the good-looking uncle is only the kind of Chow Yun-fat, and his first beautiful man can only stay in the kitchen. Gong Chen refused to accept the loss, and still lingered with her.

In the early morning of the second day, Yi Mingjun was awake in the summer. Yi Mingjun told the summer of the usury loan and said that he would not carry the summer “good intentions” at work, but he will continue to pursue the summer and hope that she will not refuse. Yi Mingjun just woke up in the summer and didn’t eat anything. She went downstairs to prepare meals for her.

Today is the wedding of Nana and Xiao Zhong. The chefs of Longteng Hotel are cooking in the kitchen and giving this couple a perfect wedding. At the wedding, the newcomer poured tea on the elders, but the peace was crying into tears. Long Yuqian teased Nana and married others, but she still has no boyfriend. Anning denied that he said that he was alive and that his father was alive, and his father died early. Long Yuqian was very sympathetic to the tranquility of the encounter, quietly accompanied by peace. Anning led Long Hao Qian to the bar to dance, the two screamed in the bar, and finally danced in the bar.

The next day, Long Haoqian woke up and saw himself in the clothes, and found out that he had a room with Anning last night. Long Yuqian left early, when Yi Mingjun came to see him in the room, and Anning gradually woke up and rushed into the toilet, and Long Yuqian also ran into the toilet, and the two were extremely good. Long Yuqian sorted out the clothes and came out to chat with Yi Mingjun, and changed things for peace.

Yi Mingjun said that he came to see him in the summer and talked about his experience with him. I used to think that as long as I worked hard enough, I could get the life I wanted, but life repeatedly criticized her self-confidence and made her have to be impressed with life. Both Long Yuqian and Yi Mingjun have a distressed summer experience, but I don’t know how to really help her.

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