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Kyushu Chapter 1.1

However, since the beginning of the war, Zhe Gan’s husband and four sons have died. When the younger son’s body was dragged back, only half of it was left. Zhe Gan cried like his mother wolf, and stayed up all night. Now Zhegan has no relatives in this world, and only this old mare is left.

The white warm milk was full of copper cups, and Zhe Gan smashed his back and held the horse milk in the hands of Zhang Lun. She seemed to be unable to lift her head, and she did not look at that.

Qian Lun posted the horse milk and hesitated to leave.

Zhegan clung tightly around the horse’s neck, and his body trembled more and more uncontrollable. She suddenly turned and slammed into the 诃伦帖, and slammed the copper cup and threw it on the ground.

The white horse milk spilled over the ground.

“Zhe Gan, what are you doing?” Yan Lun screamed in panic.

“I don’t want to use my horse milk to feed the wolf scorpion of Qingyang. The people in Qingyang are wolves! They killed my husband and killed my son. I also used my horse milk to feed these wolf-hearted dogs.” “Ze Gan seems to have changed a person, she screamed insanely, her eyes are red and swollen, full of tears.

“I would rather kill, I don’t want to feed him!” Zhe Gan suddenly pulled out the knife behind his waist and desperately chopped on the mare. The bitter mare screamed, but did not dare to kick the owner, dragging the injured horse leg to dodge aside. Yan Lunti clung to Zhe Gan, but Zhe Gan’s power was as big as a cow.

“Let go! Let go!” she shouted hoarsely. “You won’t let me kill him. I kill my horse. I kill it. I kill it. I kill my own mare!”

The women ran out of the sound. A few powerful efforts to control Zhe Gan, she struggled, can only madly yell, and finally the voice became a sob in the scorpion.

When Lun Lun looked at the tent, a gap along the curtain quietly closed.

Lun Lun walked into the tent with a light, and the people outside had already dispersed.

The child pressed against the wall of the tent and held his legs in the corner. At this time, Lun Lun was going to pull him up and let him sleep in bed, but at this time she had a feeling of disengagement, and Zhe Gan’s screams echoed in her ear, causing her to lose her heart.

She sat down against the child and placed the light between the two.

After a long silence, Yan Lun whispered: “Shi Zi, it is really not your fault.”

“Why am I born in Qingyang?”

“It doesn’t matter where you live.”

“I still remember the little son of Zhe Gan… He gave me a straw for a book.”

Zhang Luntie remembered the ruddy old child. She hugged her leg and buried her head on her knee.

“I still remember a lot of other people, they are very good to me. Although you don’t let me out, but I know, gradually I can’t see their faces. They are gone. I want Bamuro, think I saw him blowing a bamboo whistle and taking his red horse past my tent, but…”

Ba Moru, Lun Lun is afraid to hear the name. She did not see the body of Bamuro, only the red horse that danced. Yan Lun was twenty-four years old, and she thought about marrying a herder like Ba Moru. And Ba Moru always rides on his red horse, far away from the strange tone of his own compilation, and then reveals the white teeth laughing. Zhang Lunti compiled two belts for his boots, and now he is still in her arms, and there is no chance to send them out.

“I thought about how good I am if I am Qingyang, as long as I say no, I will not fight. Zhe Gan’s son will also codify me, and Bamoru will bring his red horse. ……”

“Don’t say it again, you don’t want to say it again!” Yan Lunqi suddenly shouted. She pressed her child’s shoulders hard. “Enough! Enough! What is the use of you now? You are not the big man of Qingyang.” Jun, you are just a child, what can you do? Your Qingyang iron ride is now killing our real people on the battlefield! Who have you saved?”

She lowered her head and shook her head desperately, biting her lip and not wanting to make a sound. Tears crossed his face.

“Don’t say it anymore! What can we do?” She whimpered and looked up. She saw tears in her little face. He was so quiet and so sad.

The two silently opposed each other, and Luneng posted the Azul in his arms.

“Mum, they are all gone, don’t leave me.” The child also hugged her.

“Shizi, don’t be afraid, no matter who you win, you are fine. Maybe your family will come to pick you up, Mom will be with you, but Mom can’t protect you. You are the son of Qingyang. Ah, you will be the master of this grassland in the future. The blessings of the gods are added to the top of your head, and no one can hurt you.” Lou Luntie gently stroked his head.

She loves this child, although in her despicable identity, she does not match this noble child to say love. But she thought that if she had a baby one day, she would be like this little Azul.

“Mum, don’t leave me,” the child muttered. “I will… protect you!”

The last line of light in the sky was engulfed by the twilight.

The general cloud of clouds burned down, and the shadow of iron and gray occupied half of the sky, and the night came.

The water of the Line River has been dyed red, and the lion flag and the leopard cloud flag are mixed in one place on the battlefield. The surviving soldiers screamed and waved the sword. The knives in the knives fell down like grass, and the thick bloody smell rose from the sky. The scavenged vulture hovered in the sky, and it was so creepy. The battle began in the evening, and the soldiers of the True Faces spent the night crossing the Iron Line River, ambushing in the dug ditch, waiting for the cavalry of the Qingyang Department to go to the river to graze the horses. The hurried warriors of Qingyang had to mention the sabre, completely suppressed by the real attack. The strength of both sides continued to enter the battlefield, the Qingyang Department lost its anger, and the front line pushed for a mile to the north, leaving both bodies dead.

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