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Monarch Industry (2021) 上阳赋

The Rebel Princess
Other Title: 江山故人, Jiang Shan Gu Ren, 上阳赋, Emperor Phoenix , Di Feng Ye , Shang Yang Fu , Jiang Shan Gu Ren , Jiāngshān Gùrén , 帝凰业 , 帝王业 , 江山故人 , Monarch Industry, 上阳赋, The Rebel Princess, Shangyang Fu

Genres: Historical, drama
China Mainland
Hou Yong (侯咏), Cheng Yuan Hai (程源海)
Luo Song (罗松)
Release Date:
Jan 9, 2021
Related Show:
Di Wang Ye (帝王业) by Mei Yu Zhe (寐语者)


  • Zhang Zi Yi as Wang Xuan / Ah Wu
  • Zhou Yi Wei as Xiao Qi
  • Tony Yang as Zi Dan
  • Zuo Xiao Qing as Xie Wan Ru
  • Yu He Wei as Wang Lin
  • Zhao Ya Zhi as Elder Princess

Story of Wang Xuan / Ah Wu, an intelligent young lady of the noble Wang clan who helps the Emperor Xiao Qi defeat the Southern rebels and unify the warring kingdoms.

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi strike a deal for the sake of power. They marry first before falling in love and join hands to protect their homeland. She is a woman who is no less than any man while he rose from humble beginnings.

The imperial family has become rotten to the core. The nobles are lavish with no regard for the people. Princess Wang Xuan and her childhood sweetheart, the third prince, become pawns of a prophecy that states, “to acquire thee is to obtain the world.” Being pulled into the matters of the court, Wang Xuan is married off by her father to Xiao Qi who comes from a poor family. On the night of their wedding, Xiao Qi is forced to leave the capital. Wang Xuan is shamed and discouraged. The Helan Prince kidnaps Wang Xuan in order to seek revenge on Xiao Qi. The crisis they face becomes a blessing in disguise for the couple. Wang Xuan is moved and inspired by Xiao Qi’s wish to bring peace and prosperity to the nation and they fall in love.

However, circumstances threaten to destroy them. The Wang and Xie clans are fighting for power, the Empress Dowager schemes to separate husband and wife, the military has committed treason while the Helan clan has raised their flags in rebellion. Wang Xuan puts her life on the line to escort the third prince to safety. She leads an army of men to defend the last stronghold in hopes that Xiao Qi can arrive in time with reinforcements..

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