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My True Friend Episode 11

Zeng Huimin had no choice butto meet with the man introduced by Zeng Fu , and the attitude of the other party made her very disgusted. She was ready to leave, but the man rogue was entangled. This scene was just seen by Mu Yunping passing by. He immediately got off the bus and guarded Zeng Huimin. The man yelled at him and said that he and Zeng Huimin were normal blind dates. Zeng Huimin was embarrassed and embarrassed. She quickly took Mu Yunping away. It is not a shameful thing for Mu Yunping to send Zeng Huimin home and comfort her blind date.

At night, on the cruise ship, Shao Yong Orange chatted with Cheng Zhenzhen . He asked Cheng Zhenzhen if she had stayed in the garden shop and she would always be her partner. And Cheng Zhenzhen pretends to be thoughtful, which makes Shao Xiao Orange somewhat anxious. Cheng Zhenzhen finally told Yan that she was willing to work with him all the time, and the orange was very happy.

Zeng Huimin’s mood was low and she went back. At this moment, the father called and said that Zeng Huimin did not know how to be good, and she also took a dog blood sprinkler. Mu Yunping drove out of the car and found that Zeng Huimin was in his car. He returned and prepared to return it to Zeng Huimin. As a result, he saw Zeng Huimin sitting alone on the street and crying helplessly.

Fu Xiaoning feel happy good always lived in Cheng Barbara there is not a thing, like good also began looking for an apartment online. Fu Xiaoning and Xishan rented a rooftop house on the top floor. After Fu Xiaoning paid the rent, he apologized to Xishan, saying that renting such a poor house was aggrieved. He is very contented, but her understanding makes Fu Xiaoning very moved.

In Italy, white aunt was in the kitchen for the orderly fried dumplings, she first got the fried a restaurant, but she forgot it on kitchen stoves also are being fried dumplings, soon, white aunt saw the dumplings on the stove She was mad at the fire and she hurriedly took the pot from the front. As a result, the pot was burnt to the white aunt, and the fire on the stove ignited. The white aunt shouted and rushed to extinguish the fire. The white aunt was shivering like a frightened child, and he was very uncomfortable.

The next day, Bai Ayi and his helper Sophie went to the market to buy food. At this time, they called to tell Bai Ayi to dismiss Sophie to prepare for a Chinese-speaking domestic helper. And Sophie also received a severance notice, she was very angry and rebuked Bai Ayi. Although Bai Ayi could not understand, she heard the reason for her anger from Sophie’s tone. The angry Sophie left the white aunt thrown in the market and left. Bai Ayi was immediately overwhelmed by the phone, but well, he did not receive a phone call from Bai Ayi, and Bai Ayi was terrified. Thanks to the police, Bai Ayi had to return home.

I put down the work at hand and decided to stay with my mother. But Bai Ayi didn’t want to be a son’s cumbersome. She pretended to be light and cloud-like and let her work with ease. She said that she was all right. I was very guilty, but I couldn’t really put down the work at hand. He didn’t worry that he would go to the company after he confirmed that his mother was fine. After working properly, Bai Ayi was alone at home watching TV all day, and she became more and more lonely and ignorant.

Cheng Zhenzhen suddenly received a phone call from the hospital. A doctor who claimed to be the doctor of Bai Ayi was going to the hospital. The doctor told Cheng Zhenzhen that Bai Ayi was found to have mild geriatric depression when she visited the doctor last time. She had to come back every week, but this week she did not come. The phone call of the emergency contact of Bai Ayi is Cheng Zhenzhen. Cheng Zhenzhen heard the news very unexpectedly.

Cheng Zhenzhen immediately contacted Jing Ran, she sent WeChat to inform him of this situation. While the meeting was in good shape, I heard the news and instantly frowned.


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