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A lifetime of laughing emperor

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A lifetime of laughing emperor (Novel)
Other Name: เล่ห์รักกลกาล / 一生一世笑皇途

Genre: novel
จวินจื่อเจียงซาน (君子江山) Jūnzǐ jiāngshān
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While traveling back from a mission The helicopter that ‘Kee Mei’, a young female killer from the world, now crashed into a storm and crashed into a whirlpool in the Bermuda Triangle. That is not surprising.

What is more strange is that she went through the dimension into the ancient times that did not exist in any other history. And met him The young man nicknamed the bloodthirsty demon, the fourth prince of the Pei Chen Dynasty. “Pei Chen is broken.”

Their encounter is the starting point for solving the missing memories of Jia Me. Why do you have to come here and how is she related to this world? This puzzle, you must get fat. It is said that there is no coincidence in the world. Or maybe this is your fate?

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