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Phoenix Against The World Chapter 418

Phoenix North month looked back at him and saw his handsome face, a kind of regret and feelings, can not help but surprised a moment, “Where you want to go back?”

    “North Yao Country.”

    Huang Beiyue felt that there was a blank in his mind at that moment. Suddenly he was overwhelmed. He wanted to return to Beibei, that is, he would not stay in the South Wing country?

    The part of the heart was empty for a while, and the phoenix moon sounded dryly: “Congratulations, you can go home.”

    “There is no home.” The wind and the wing are laughing, and there is no feeling in the smile.

    Huang Bei looked at him with a sigh of relief. She could see the helplessness and bitterness in his smile. When he was young, he was sent to the South Wing country to become a protagonist. What is the significance of the country for him?

    The same is a helpless person, born in the royal family, unable to help himself.

    “Never mind, back then, will always find a sense of belonging.” Phoenix North-month try to make my voice a little brisk, “I will travel the world, so when Yao went to the north of the country, may be the way to go and see you.”

    Wind even There was a slight movement in the wing, and the skull was hard and soft, and the mouth said that although it was very unconcerned, the faint concern in the words made him very moved.

    “Well, a word is fixed, I am waiting for you in Beibei.”

    “A word is fixed!” Huang Beiyue reached out and beat him to the league.

    The wishing light in the distance slowly drifted down the water, and the blazing fire reflected the two young faces vivid.

    The messenger of Beibei State entered the Linhuai City together with the Prince’s mission from the East after three days.

    The four major powers on the mainland of Calta stand side by side, and the rest of the small countries can only depend on the big countries to survive. In recent decades, the four countries have rehabilitated and there are few wars. Because of the development of trade, exchanges between countries are frequent.

    The East left the country to send the Prince to the South Wing country, because it admired the culture of the South Wing country and hoped to promote exchanges between the two countries.

    The northern country, this time is to welcome the nine emperors who have been protons for ten years in the southern wing. The two countries exchanged protons ten years ago. Now it is time for the sea to rise, and it is time to exchange the protons.

    It is said that not long ago, the emperor sent an emissary to Beibei, and welcomed the three emperors in the ten years of the Northern Kingdom.

    The people sent by the Northern Kingdom are the kings of the dynasty, with a high degree of weight and a heavy hand. They are the uncles of the wind and the wing, and the great summoner of the North Germany.

    Sending such a powerful person to come, it can be seen that Beiyi Kingdom still pays enough attention to the Nine Emperor.

    The entry of the Northern Kingdom Power King into the capital is very low-key, and the light car is simple, compared to the princely prince of the East who left the country, it is too low-key.

    In order to show sincerity, the emperor also sent Prince Taizhan and Jingan Wang to meet separately, first to welcome the messengers into the pavilion, and then host a feast in the palace at night.

    The building of Linhuai City is very luxurious, because it is a VIP from all over the country. It is not a shame to express the style of a big country.

    The envoys of Beibei and Dongli respectively lived in the south and west of the pavilion, with only one garden in between.

    When the East Prince left the prince, he took the trip as an excuse to close the door and rest.

    This time, the East left the country to send a lot of masters with the Prince, just the Summoner of the Nine Stars, there are two! The rest are also strong players with good strength!

    Rao is like this, the strange figure of Huang Beiyue, still able to lightly avoid the master of the outside guard, quietly sneaked into the room outside the residence of the Prince.

“His Royal Highness, we have just passed through that place is the Lingyang College of the Southern Wing Country. The towering tower is the Seven Towers, the highest of the Seventh Tower, which lives. The legendary spiritual respect.” A cautious voice sounded.

    Phoenix North Moon jumped in the heart, spiritual respect? These people are coming to the spirit?

    The cautious voice said again: “His Royal Highness, this time, if we can capture the spiritual honor, you will become the strongest existence on the entire Carta continent!”

    “Teacher, that spirit is a beast, the beast will be so Is it easy to deal with?” The lazy voice said, although expecting, it seems that there is no hope.

    “His Highness, I and Qiu Minglie are both nine-sound summoners. Qiu Minglie is breaking through the nine stars and becoming a yellow-level summoner. Plus, we have the magic weapon to deal with a junior beast. Isn’t it easy?”

    “The teacher is like this .” With confidence, this Prince will be relieved, and capture the beast. This Prince will seal you as a national teacher. After the Prince has been enthroned, he will be on the same level as the teacher!” said the East Prince.

    “Thank you, Your Royal Highness!”

    Huang Beiyue listened to the wall roots outside, and heard the mouth twitching. These people who are away from the country are not having a pit in their heads. Actually, they came to capture the spirit.

    Also say what is the primary beast? Even if the spirit level is not inquired, I dare to come, not afraid to kick the iron board?

    However, after listening to the East and saying a few words to the Prince, I know that it is a straw bag of two hundred and five!

    I don’t know where they heard about the spiritual respect. The spiritual respect is the guardian beast of the Lingyang Academy. This matter should be rarely known, but since the last time the spirit honor came out from the seventh tower, use the fire of punishment. After Xue Chee burns, the existence of spiritual respect is not a secret.

    However, those who have left the country to dare to come up with confidence, I am afraid that it is also prepared.

    What the baby said just now, what is it?

    Although she doesn’t like spiritual respect, she is also a person who will teach her skills in the future. She naturally cannot watch others catch him!

    The nine-star summoner should be able to deal with it. Huang Beiyue is thinking in his heart. Suddenly there are footsteps behind him. She suddenly feels alert, and there is someone behind it: ”

    You– ” Huang Beiyue’s figure fluttered like lightning. When the man’s words were not exported, he had already broken the man’s neck.

    A bang, clean and neat, that sturdy, that ferocious, absolutely ghosts must be afraid of three points!

    After killing the man, Huang Beiyue found that this person was probably the guard who was away from the prince, because he was wearing black armor and wearing an iron helmet with an invisible face on his head.

    The East is a man who likes to be arrogant. The costumes of the guards around him are designed with many prestige, and then a group of people are surrounded by him. The array is definitely more powerful than the prince of any country.

    Phoenix North Moon’s mouth is a good opportunity, a good opportunity!

    She quickly took off the armor of the Guardian, and put it on her body three or two times. Although the armor looked good, it was very heavy, and when it walked, it would make a squeaking sound, so this person was close. It was discovered by her.

    But she is physically strong, what is the bulky armor?

    One kicked the dead man into the grass on one side, and took the iron helmet and swayed out.

    That person is also a short stature, it is estimated that the strength is good, or there is a background in the family, so it can become a Guardian of the Prince.

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