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Novel List by Alphabet P

  1. Pain, Pain, Go Away
  2. Painting of the Nine Immortals
  3. Paladin of the End
  4. Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife
  5. Pampering Big Cat Wife
  6. Pandora Hearts
  7. Panties Reincarnation. I’m a Pair of Panties, so What?
  8. Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai!
  9. Paradis de Fou
  10. Paradise of Demonic Gods
  11. Parallel World Pharmacy
  12. Paranormal World (The Semi-Physical World)
  13. Path of Evolution
  14. Path to Heaven
  15. Peach Passion
  16. Peach Pit Landlord
  17. Peerless Battle Spirit
  18. Peerless Demonic Lord
  19. Peerless Martial God
  20. Peerless Martial God 2
  21. Pen Down A Marriage
  22. Perfect Feast
  23. Perfect for me
  24. Perfect Match, Secret Marriage
  25. Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet
  26. Perfect Superstar
  27. Perfect World
  28. Persona x Tantei Naoto
  29. Perverted Romance
  30. Pet Charm
  31. Pet King
  32. PG System in a Modern World
  33. Pharaoh’s Concubine
  34. Phenomeno
  35. Phoenix Ascending
  36. Phoenix Destiny
  37. Phoenix Overlooking the World – Who Dares to Touch My Abandoned Empress
  38. Phoenix Rising Over the World
  39. Phoenix’s fated half
  40. Picked up a Demon King to be a Maid
  41. Picked Up In Winter
  42. Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields
  43. Picture Book of My First Love
  44. Pirate in Naruto World
  45. Pita-Ten
  46. Pivot of the Sky
  47. Playing With Innocence
  48. Please Be More Serious
  49. Plundering the Dao of the Immortal Journey
  50. Plundering the Heavens
  51. Poison Genius Consort
  52. Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly Wife
  53. Pokemon – A Mystical Journey
  54. Pokemon World With A Rip-Off Pokemon Go
  55. Pokémon- Journey To The Top
  56. Pokemon: An Adventure
  57. Porter of Two Worlds
  58. Possessing Nothing
  59. Post-’80s Cultivation Journal
  60. Praise the Orc!
  61. President Wife is A Man
  62. Priestess Of The Land
  63. Primordial Blood Throne
  64. Prince Herscherik and The Kingdom of Sorrow
  65. Prince of the Octagon
  66. Prince, You Are So Cheap
  67. Princess Agents
  68. Princess Husband, Too Mensao!
  69. Princess Medical Doctor
  70. Pristine Darkness
  71. Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith
  72. Project MP
  73. Prometheus’s Burst
  74. Provocative Fiery Wife: My Superior is a Affectionate Spitfire
  75. Psychic Tattoo
  76. Psycho Love Comedy
  77. Puipui!
  78. Pulling Together a Villain Reformation Strategy
  79. Pure love ✕ Insult Complex
  80. Purple Dawn Till Dusk : dearest trough the time
  81. Purple River
  82. Pursuing Immortality
  83. Pursuit of the Truth

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