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Susan Lee: Grow your own clothes!

Suzanne Lee, a fashion designer with an interest in textile research and development. by combining laboratory knowledge of biology and scientific knowledge He shared his experience of experimenting with cultivating kombucha sheets that can be used like textiles or synthetic leathers made from plant fibers for use in garments. The production process is amazing.

The result turned out to be beautiful but there is still a small flaw, namely the ability to waterproof If it encounters rain, it will immediately absorb the rainwater. This makes the set significantly heavier. However, this method is a very promising and promising approach.

The kombu tea membrane culture formula uses a fermentation process. It consists of green tea, yeast, sugar, which is fermented water in which many organisms coexist. These include bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. That will help to spin to form cellulose fibers in the fermentation process. Over time, tiny fibers are formed in the fermented water to form a membrane and form a plaque on the surface of the fermented water. Fermentation is something that is done and left alone. We don’t have to do anything more. Just look at the membranes that are gradually getting thicker. It’s a process that doesn’t even require light.

Then take it out of the tank, bottom in cold soapy water and let it dry on its own. When the membrane dries, it will shrink. Once it’s done, it can be molded and used, for example, to produce seamless clothing, shoes, etc. However, the membrane will have a size. The thickness varies according to the recipe used for fermentation. Sometimes the pulp is like a very light translucent paper. Otherwise, it will be like a sheet of synthetic leather that is synthesized from flexible plants.

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