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The Soul of Anti-Japanese Rage Fire Soldier Ch1

In the autumn of 1936, a horrifying and strange thing happened in Tianjin City.

A few days ago, students from various colleges and universities in Tianjin gathered on the street to conduct anti-Japanese demonstrations. A student leader stood on the stage in high spirits and shouted, “Overthrow Japanese imperialism, recapture the three northeastern provinces, and return to his hometown in Little Japan.” During the slogan, a group of people wearing black clothes and black top hats suddenly rushed out, holding an iron rod and an axe, and rushed into the team for a while. Seven or eight students died on the spot. The student team was very Almost frightened by this violent and bloody scene, then the group of men in black went away and disappeared.

The Tianjin National Government demanded severe punishment for the murderer who killed and wounded the students. The then police chief, An Tianming, was at a loss for a while. This case was not easy to handle. At that time, Tianjin was full of fish and dragons. Ten, sometimes, even if it was found that the Japanese did it, then grabbed it, and finally the person from the Japanese embassy came and gave it away obediently. This kind of thing will happen more than ten times a month. It is estimated that this Eighty percent of the next thing was done by the Japanese.

An Tianming had no choice but to call up the three most prestigious members of the Tianjin Gang. They were the Tang family Tang Jiayao, the Zhou family Zhou Tianwang and the Qi family Qi Huairen, hoping that these three companies could help him make suggestions.

The people in the whole Tianjin City are very clear. These three families have been fighting for ten years, and thousands of people have died before they hit their respective sites. Natural destiny is also clear, but the cases explained above must not be discussed with the three of them. No, otherwise, maybe one day walking on the street, suddenly killed by a cold gun, then I really don’t know what is going on.

When the three of them had just arrived at the police station and hadn’t said anything, Zhou Tianwang’s Er Erzhou was suddenly hit by a cold gun on the street, and he opened a big hole in his forehead impartially. At that time, many witnesses were so frightened that their legs became soft and collapsed to the ground.

Zhou Tianwang was in the police station, he heard the noise at the door of the police station, and then he saw Lao Zhou rushing in, and then Zhou Tianwangzi heard the panic voice: “Master, lord, the big thing is not good, Second Master, he is dead.”

“Dead, you said he was dead, just right.” Zhou Tianwang said impatiently, as if it was not his biological son who died. Zhou Tianwang has two sons. The eldest son Zhou Yi served as a soldier in Tianjin. After a few years, he became an independent battalion commander. However, this young son Zhou Zheng, although he looks handsome, is not doing business every day. He is either visiting the kiln or gambling. And he will lose every gambling, never win, and then take a few nursing homes, go to the street to ridiculous women of good family, in the past few years, thanks to the influence of the Zhou family in Tianjin, bad things are done, let people I wish he could peel his skin. In some cases, the merchants who acted as street scumbags collected protection fees, and the merchants who engaged in them complained to Zhou Tianwang. Zhou Tianwang always let Zhou Guanjia take things out of the ocean. As long as Zhou Zheng received the money, he would refund it to others.

He is a prodigal son, which is precisely defined by Mrs. Zhou.

“Isn’t it the case that I lost so much money?” Zhou Zheng once refuted him seriously, making him almost vomit blood.

Now the prodigal man is dead.

Zhou Guanshi didn’t expect Zhou Tianwang’s tone to be like this. When his eyes were hot, he gasped and said to Zhou Tianwang: “Young Master was ignorant before he died, but he is your son after all, and now the young master is so big. Hole.” Zhou Guanshi gestured a tea bowl-sized shape with his hand, he exaggerated.

“What you said this time is true, you won’t try to cheat money from me like you did last time.” Zhou Tianwang naturally doesn’t believe that in Tianjin City, who has the courage to shoot his own son. Eighty percent of it was that the bad boy had no money. Last time, he used hundreds of oceans to play gambling from his own satin by pretending to be dead. Finally, he lost his pants and returned.

“Master, this time it is true, the young master’s body has been carried back, and it was lying in our front yard. The lady just passed a glance and passed out.” Zhou Guanshi said, pointing to the front yard anxiously. , Tears have shed.

When Zhou Tianwang heard it, he felt that this time it was real. He jumped out of the chair immediately and left without any hello to everyone. An Tianming was scared for a long time. Zhou Tianwang’s son died. Let his forehead start sweating again.

Zhou Tianwang hurried to his front yard, far away, he saw his son lying on a stretcher, and a group of men supported the fainting lady, each weeping, it seems that his son was really Killed.

“Son, son.” After Zhou Tianwang shouted twice, the man had approached him. He squatted down and looked at Zhou Zheng’s forehead. The pain in his heart swept across his body like a hammer. He was dizzy, but soon Calm down.

When it comes to big things, men will not cry like women.

Zhou Tianwang is a person who has experienced dynasty changes. In Tianjin City, he was mixed up with Zhou’s second wife and killed with a knife and a gun. It is common for dead people, but this time his son died.

Zhou Tianwang gritted his teeth, he raised his head and asked Zhou Guanshi: “Is there any witnesses, do you see who did it? I want to destroy his family.”

“Master, young master must have been killed by both Qi Huairen and Tang Jiayao.” Zhou Guanshi said this is well-founded. A few days ago, Qi Huairen and Tang Jiayao took a fancy to their Zhou family on the west side of the Japanese concession. The peaceful casino not far away, standing in front of this casino, can see the boundary of the Japanese Concession from afar. Due to the absolute advantage of the geographical location, the countries that have come here usually have a lot of households, and the casino business is also so Very prosperous.

No matter how much Qi Huairen and Tang Jiayao paid for them, it didn’t make Zhou Tianwang’s heart stunned. Zhou Tianwang’s reply to them is very simple, meaning that I have a chicken that lays golden eggs. Now you want to buy my chicken with golden eggs at a cheap price. Isn’t that a joke?

Zhou Tianwang is also famous in Tianjin City, so Zhou Tianwang’s remarks are not excessive.

However, Zhou Tianwang knew very well that, with Qi Huairen’s personal strength alone, he would not have dared to shoot and kill in Tianjin City. Qi Huairen was the weakest of the three, and was also a loser in the battles of previous years. Later, relying on the Japanese to make a fortune, and opening more than a dozen kilns in the Japanese Concession, getting a few smoke houses, the strength gradually caught up, ranking third in the Tianjin business community, and also given to him by business people. Face, in fact, is not true.

Tang Jiayao, who has always been in charge of the transportation and docks in Tianjin, not only ranks above Zhou Tianwang, but also maintains a fairly good relationship with military and political officials, police agencies, and even the Japanese Concession, and even senior French Concession officials. Rapport.

Tang Jiayao has this guts.

However, even if he really killed his son, he could not avenge his dead son without evidence. The police station was destined to be just an old fox waiting for death. Tang Jiayao’s current power is far above him, even Tang Jiayao The nursing home team is also matched with the twenty ring made in Germany.

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