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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 7 Recap

Chao Xiaoshu stood there motionlessly, and Ning Que vowed to defend him. He returned to the idea of ​​Xiao Shu when he was physically weak, repelled the assassin and rescued Ning Que. The two left each other with a smile, walked in the heavy rain, and suddenly fell down towards the tree, seemingly under some control and suffering. Ning Que looked up, and a carriage came in the rain. People who did not drive the carriage, Ning Que continuously shot arrows at the carriage, but the arrows seemed to fall into the sea as silent, and Ning Que pulled out a knife and rushed over.

Chao Xiaoshu feared that Ning Que encountered danger and forbearance. He sent the sword air and opened the curtain, but also retreated from Ning Que. Wang Jinglue came out slowly in the carriage, and he did not forget to frustrate his fingernails. He knew to Xiaoshu that he was not Wang Jinglue’s opponent, and let Ning Que rush away. Ning Que swears that he will not run away and rushes to Wang Jinglue. At the same time, Ning Que was also ironic that Ning Que was just a mortal and was not qualified to die in his hands. Then asked Zhao Xiaoshu if there were any last words.

Chao Xiaoshu didn’t say anything, but sent out his whole body power into a sword light stabbing Wang Jinglue. Wang Jinglue countered Chao Xiaoshu and prepared to take his life. Unexpectedly, a “well” appeared in front of Chao Xiaoshu and Ning Que. “Character” blocked Wang Jinglue’s attack and counterattacked Wang Jinglue. Wang Jingluo was beaten up and embarrassed. Yan Se appeared on the street. Wang Jingluo knelt begging for mercy and was taken away by Yan Se. Ning Que also recognized that Yan Se was the person who sold the sugar gourd that day, and asked if Chao Xiaoshu was the hole card in his mouth, but why did it appear so late? Chao Xiaoshu claimed that his hole card was a person, but A man he could not order, but refused to tell who Ning Que was. Hua Shanyue brought people to rescue Chang San and others.

At the same time, Yan Se took Wang Jinglue back because love couldn’t bear to kill him. Instead, he asked Wang Jinglue to play for General Xu Shi, and also told Wang Jinglue that he meant the noble in the palace. Wang Jinglue was frightened and suddenly realized that the backing behind the little tree was actually him. Yan Se quickly waved to stop Wang Jinglue from naming the person. Chang San led people to stop Cui Delu’s men and horses. The two men and women fought together. Hua Shanyue then led someone to surround Cui Delu and asked who Cui Delu was. The other party was unaware of what was happening and was destined to perish Tang Dynasty. Cui Delu shouted that Long Guo committed suicide. Chongming also quickly learned that the backing behind Chao Xiaoshu was King Tang. The teeth that he hated when thinking of the Battle of Yan and Tang Dynasty itched and vowed to revenge.

The first thing is to mess up the Academy. King Tang personally led the team to Li Peiyan. Li Peiyan knew with a sharp sword that things had already been revealed. Tang Wang told Li Peiyan to help his party and he could Open one eye and close one eye, but he should never use the army to deal with Chao Xiaoshu, because Chao Xiaoshu is his man. Li Peiyan said he was unwilling. Although he was holding the sword of heaven, he was sitting on the throne, but it was King Tang. At first, they thought that Li Peiyan must be the future emperor, but it was because of a word from the Master that Li Zhongyi became the king of Tang, and Li Peiyan had only one sword. Li Peiyan was always worried about this. The king of Tang told Li Peiyan that the teacher asked him if the sword of Heaven in his hand was even a waste sword. Li Zhongyi was re-elected as the king of Tang, Li Peiyan pretending to be crazy and holding a sword and crying, Tang Wang Yuxin couldn’t bear not punishing Li Peiyan.

Chao Xiaoshu told Ning that after tonight he would be the envy of everyone in the world, because behind him is the most powerful person in Tang Dynasty. And from then on, Ning Que is recognized as his brother. When he was walking towards Xiaoshu, he told Ning Que that someone would send him two thousand silvers tomorrow, and Zhao Xiaoshu said that he only needed five hundred and two. Chaoxiaoshu’s overbearing reply must be given two thousand two hundred, and at the same time forced Ning Que to follow him to see a person. Chaoxiaoshu asked if he could not go, and he was arrogantly rejected. Long Qing looked at the dark clouds in the sky, and couldn’t help sighing that the prediction that the night would come was true. The next day, Ning Que was brought into the palace by the little father-in-law and asked him to wait honestly, and after seeing someone, someone would send him out.

Ning Que asked who to see, and the father-in-law left without a smile. Ning Que went around curiously and entered a huge palace. On the case table, he saw that the ink and paper were all good, but when he saw the paper, The word on it couldn’t help shaking his head, claiming that the word was too bad and the sentence was good. The playful Ning Que sat on a huge dragon chair and smiled. At this time, in the chapel, Tang Wang scolded the people under his control as a group of wastewood. At the same time, Wang Jinglue was allowed to follow Xu Shi to polish his life. It is because he is a talent that he can save his life. Talent must be used by the country. Rather than becoming a tool for one’s own devotion, Wang Jingluo paid homage to Huang En. King Tang knew that all behind-the-scenes plans were Li Peiyan, but precisely because Li Peiyan was his only relative, he could not be executed, claiming that the past had passed. On the surface, Li Peiyan was grateful to King Tang. Later, King Tang scolded several pieces of waste wood in anger, all waste wood.

The guard commander Xu Chongshan found the writing Ning Que in Tang’s Royal Study Room, and hurriedly pulled it out. He also told Ning Que to enter here today and not to say anything, but he continued to scold Zhao Xiaoshu for not knowing the rules of teaching. When Xu Chongshan heard that Ning Que was always calling Chao Xiaoshu as the elder brother, he told him to help Zhao Shu rank the second child, and Chao Xiaoshu asked who the boss was. Xu Chongshan pointed at the sky. Tang Wang

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