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Chapter 5 Killing

Su Ba didn’t know that the city wall had collapsed, but he knew that Li Zicheng was attacking the city, but the top two generals who defended the city gate appeared here. Is it okay?

To escape, this is to beheaded!

And the two of them appear here, what else? South Gate has fallen behind!

“What are you two doing here? City gates don’t need to be defended?” Su Pa asked.

“The gate of the city has collapsed. Li Zicheng’s army will attack the city. Hurry up and tell the general that we will withdraw. Otherwise, our strategy of closing the door and hitting the dog will not be successful. Instead, we will be closed and hit the dog!” Qin Yi said.

“What? The city gate collapsed?” Su Ba couldn’t believe it, and the only thing in his heart was that the two men made excuses to escape.

“Li Zicheng assembled hundreds of artillery pieces in front of the battlefield. Thousands of our brothers died on the city wall. Few escaped!” Zhou Wudao.

Qin Yi was keenly aware that after Su Ba heard Zhou Wu’s words, the ugly expression on his face eased a bit, and he seemed to believe Qin Yi’s words a bit!

“The city walls are made of bluestone bricks and have a width of more than four feet. How could they collapse?” Su Pa continued to question.

“You let the person go to the roof and see!” Qin Yi said.

Su Ba knew that Qin Yi’s martial arts were strong. Qin Yi was above the city wall and Zhou Yuji’s competition. But he was present. The strong man was disdain to lie.

Su Ba made a look at the soldiers behind him. The two soldiers squatted on the ground, and one stepped on his shoulder. The man standing on his shoulders stepped on it and climbed up the already low roof!

Looking toward the city gate, I saw a broken wall, and many Ming troops climbed up from the ruins, and Li Zicheng’s army had come towards the city gate, densely packed, hundreds of thousands of troops!

“The city gate really collapsed, and Li Zicheng’s army has come!” said the soldier.

The elite is really elite. The next situation will be that 10,000 people face hundreds of thousands of troops, and this soldier sees hundreds of thousands of troops coming towards Ningwu Pass, but the tone is faint and he does not panic. It seems to be facing hundreds of thousands of pigs.

However, Qin Yi felt that even if hundreds of thousands of pigs ran to his own fierce voice, he would panic!

“The two of you come with me quickly and tell the general!” Su Ba dare not delay, Ningwuguan has already lost his guard, and he will face hundreds of thousands of troops in the future.

Zhou Yuji is still fighting with Li. Both of them are exhausted. Zhou Yuji can’t kill Li Guo, and Li Guo can’t get close to Zhou Yuji. The two have spent a long time.

“General, the wall of Ningwuguan has collapsed!” Su Ba’s voice was very loud. Both the soldiers and soldiers who were watching the two fighting were heard. The soldiers of the Ming army appeared in a panic. They were all in a panic. What will happen next to the wall that blocks Li Zicheng’s army?

On the other hand, the soldiers were excited and excited, thinking that they would die here. His majesty directly collapsed the city wall to save himself and others.

Li Guo laughed, and Zhou Yuji’s face was blue.

“Why such a loud voice, you have caused the military’s heart to be unstable!” Zhou Wu yelled at Su Ba.

“Sooner or later, tell the brothers that although there will be panic, it is better than panic when the army comes over!” Su Badao said.

Qin Yi nodded his head, and what Su Ba said was reasonable. Now there is confusion and he can calm down. If he is engaged in fighting, he will realize that hundreds of thousands of troops have been killed, let alone fighting.

“You little doll knows what, you are far behind me on the battlefield!” Su Ba said to Zhou Wu.

Zhou Yuji Zema came to Su Ba and asked what happened.

So at the request of Su Ba, Qin Yi and Zhou Wu once again explained the situation of the city wall.

“General, are we fighting now?” Su Pa asked.

Ningwuguan can’t hold it anymore. If he doesn’t withdraw, he will face hundreds of thousands of troops, and the 10,000 Ming Army will not have enough teeth for Li Zicheng’s army.

“Zhou Yuji, you want to escape now, do you think you can escape?” Li Guo laughed arrogantly on the side, but his eyes kept staring at Qin Yi. Obviously he was going to fight Qin Yi again, and he would die!

Qin Yi whispered a neuropathy, so I wouldn’t fight you, and it didn’t matter until I escaped!

Zhou Yuji thought for a moment and gritted his teeth: “War! There is nowhere to escape!”

Qin Yi guessed this result. In history, Li Zicheng broke the city, Zhou Yuji refused to retreat, he fought dead, and finally died!

“How could there be nowhere to escape? Datong still has tens of thousands of troops to defend! We can retreat Datong and resist the thieves!” Zhou Wu said anxiously, he seemed very dissatisfied with the decision made by Zhou Yuji!

“Can the wall of Datong have a thick Ningwu Pass? Moreover, the four gates of Datong need to be defended. The soldiers in the city are all chickens and dogs. They can’t resist Li Zicheng’s army! Even if they go to Datong, they are dead! Xuan This is even the case! It’s better to fight the thief here!” Zhou Yuji has a big tiger beard and his body is full of anger. His decision can’t be changed!

“If we die, there will be no more elite troops resisting trespassers. Datong and Xuanfu are all a group of weakly fighting forces, and Juyongguan is a group of miscellaneous soldiers. Maybe the trespassing army has not surrendered to the city, it has surrendered. Now, it is most important for us to preserve our strength. If our elite army is overwhelmed, Daming will no longer have an army, and hundreds of thousands of thieves will be driven directly into the city of Beijing. When the country is in danger!” Zhou Wu continued to persuade.

Seeing that Zhou Wu was already red-faced, Qin Yi vaguely guessed that Zhou Wu and Zhou Yuji must have a relationship, either son or nephew!

Qin Yi originally planned to persuade a few words, but when I saw Zhou Yuji’s tens of thousands of people, I decided that I had decided to fight against the thief and shut my mouth obediently. People like Zhou Yuji Look, it was the bull.

“General, do you want me to convey any correspondence or something? For example, Ningwuguan is dead and ordered to Datong, Xuanfu, Juyongguan, and Jingcheng?” Qin Yi asked shamelessly, he was in a hurry, eager to run.

But Qin Yizi thinks that he has a bottom line to be a man. If he doesn’t make a sound, he can’t do it if he runs away!

Zhou Yujili ignored Qin Yi and Zhou Wu and overbearing to Su: “Assemble! Decisive battle!”

Qin Yi thought, waiting for the chaos while running, although there is an army stationed outside the North Gate, but climbing the cliffs under the hills does not have much pressure for Qin Yi, and the four-foot-high city wall is all right!

The trumpet sound is gathering soldiers, Qin Yi and Zhou Wu are also in the army, and Li Guo is also gathering their own men and women, and the two sides will fight again.

When Li Guo looked at more than a thousand rides beside him, he was furious, and thousands of cavalry were annihilated so much!

Su Ba is in the appease of the subordinates, the elites are the masters who have been on the battlefield for many years, and he was a little bit surprised by the words of Su Ba Qin Yi, who said that he would make a death fight with the thief for the Ming Dynasty Not satisfied with the panic just now.

They could not wait to go back and forth in the battle of hundreds of thousands of troops, and then sacrifice their lives for the country and end their life vigorously.

Zhou Yuji asked everyone who could ride a horse to get on the horse, and nearly three thousand horses were all gathered together.

Li Guohong looked at Zhou Yuji with his eyes, he didn’t dare to move, because more than two thousand guns were facing him!

Qin Yi also got on the horse, but purely thought that it was more convenient to wait for the next run. He mixed the cavalry with the soldiers around him yelling and furiously welcoming the waiting battle.

Zhou Wu, who was by his side, had already lost the excited state of arguing with Zhou Yuji. At this time, he was riding on the horse, constantly checking his weapon, and his face was expressionless.

Qin Yi listened to the excited words in his ear, whispered a stupid sentence, and was so excited to die.

“They all know that they will die, but the mission of the soldiers is to kill the enemy, the body of Ma Ge, and the battlefield of death are their home. They are elite, have their own pride, and run away is a shame for them!”

“All the brothers have to do now is to defend the last line of defense for Daming, even if it is dead! Because they understand that they are the last elite of Daming!”

“Father was born in Daming and grew up in Daming. Daming is where his family is. He has a sense of belonging to Daming’s father. At that time, Tatar robbed him. The Ming army rescued his father and several ancestors under the iron hoof of Tatar. Faithful to Daming! Now Daming will not be guaranteed, how can my father escape, I should have understood!”

Zhou Wu was expressionless, and there was a determination to go to death in the faint words. It was different from the Qiao Erlang who Qin Yigang and Zhou Wu contacted. At this time, Zhou Wu seemed to be a different person.

What Zhou Wu said, and those excited soldiers around him, touched Qin Yi’s heart again! What kind of power is this? Can people be afraid of death? Can make people willing to sacrifice?

Qin Yi now finally knows that Zhou Wu was Zhou Yuji’s son. It’s no wonder that this young man has become a dazzling general position.

“I fight for Daming and die for Daming, no regrets!” Zhou Wudao.

“Brother Qin, let’s kill the enemy together!” Zhou Wu took the spear in his hand and said with great pride.

“Okay, let’s kill the enemies together!” Qin Yi wanted to give himself a slap in the face after saying this sentence.

It is said that Qin Yi didn’t go through the brain at all, and maybe it was influenced by the soldiers who were about to die in death. This sentence was blurted out.

Although Li Guo is a martial artist, he is not a lifeless man. More than two thousand firearms can swallow more than one thousand of him casually, but Zhou Yuji does not want to give Li a chance to live.

With a single order, more than two thousand firecrackers were all launched.

One second before Zhou Yuji’s order, Li Guo had turned his horse’s head and crawled on his horse to escape.

Behind Li Guo, countless dense and dense sounds were smoky, and he had fallen over a thousand pieces.

“Kill!” At the order of Zhou Yuji, more than 3,000 cavalry rushed to the past, slashing the remaining hundreds of cavalry cavalry on the horse!

The more than 4,000 cavalry soldiers brought by Li Guo were all broken, and they were defeated by Huo Bing and Zhou Yuji’s shameless strategy.

Let people stand on the roof and shoot fire at the cavalry. The cavalry only has the fate of being slammed down. In addition, Zhou Yuji has already been ordered not to hurt the horse, otherwise there will never be so many horses left, only two or three hundred. Just a horse.

Li Zicheng’s army is already approaching the city wall, and Zhou Yuji shouted: “Brothers follow me!”

More than 4,000 cavalry charge forward, and 6,000 steps behind, the unyielding will of the carrier headed towards a behemoth composed of hundreds of thousands of troops.

Qin Yi was also wrapped in it, and his ears were full of shocking shouts, making people bloody, Qin Yi felt that he was trembling, trembling with excitement! This is boiling blood?

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