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Chapter 3 Inquiry News

“Report a case, report a fart, I don’t believe that An Tianming dare to come and ask.” Zhou Tianwang was called back at the police station just now, now he will wait and see. What does An Tianming say.

It is so sad that the old man has lost his son and the white-haired man gave the black-haired man. At this moment, only the eldest son Zhou Yi can give him some comfort. He wanted his eldest son to come back and bring soldiers to earn some face for himself. It was just that his family was a big family. His son died, and he couldn’t even let his farts go.

On the evening of the third day of Zhou Zheng’s death, Zhou Guanshi asked the owner of the tailor shop to personally make a beautiful suit for Zhou Zheng. The child didn’t like the tunic, he liked to wear the suit, stepped on leather shoes, and his hair was polished, and then he went out. , All day long when you go out, you can bring some fun and delicious food to the people when you come back.

“Good guy, if you say no, you’re gone. The old man looks strong on the surface, but he doesn’t know how many times he suffers more than our servants.” Zhou Guanshi murmured as Zhou Zheng was dressed like he was in his life. The bullet hole in the front was also made up by makeup, and the bullet in the head was taken out after the craniotomy in the Western Hospital.

Looking at the young master in front of him, just like his life, but his skin was a lot darker, and he couldn’t help thinking of his naughty and troublesome life. Zhou Guanshi went back to his face and waved his hand, which meant that it was time to enter the coffin. A group of people slowly carried Zhou Zheng’s body into the coffin and put the coffin on it. One of them was holding a nail and preparing Seal the coffin and seal it tightly.

“Wait until the funeral tomorrow. If the old man wants to look at the young master’s words again, this is also convenient. You are all busy for a day. Let’s go to rest. I will sit here with the young master for a while.” Zhou Guanshi Unwilling to nail the coffin like this, he wanted to accompany Zhou Zheng again.

It is true that Zhou Zheng is dead.

He knew very well that Zhou’s eldest master Zhou Yi became the commander of the battalion, and the fortune-telling was given to the country. Little Japan has been increasing troops outside the Lugou Bridge in Tianjin, and the wolf ambition is obvious. It is the mission of every bloody boy to fight in a soldier. Even the sacrifices will not be spared. In the future, the entire Zhou family can only rely on Zhou Zheng, an indisputable young master.

Zhou Guanshi didn’t eat that night, so he sat alone on the threshold of the hall, and he had not moved. The entire Zhou family was lifeless. He gripped the warhead in his hand and waited for Zhou Yi to come back, at least it can be seen that it was It’s not a day or two to find out the murderer with bullets fired by guns.

Zhou Tianwang was sitting angrily on his Taishi chair. He shook his Taishi chair without saying a word.

During the day, Long Kui followed him with a gift, and when he arrived at the Tangjiayao House, Tangjiayao received the gift without any kindness. He naturally knew the purpose of Zhou Tianwangzi’s coming, and he didn’t mention anything about Zhou Zheng’s death. I don’t know at all that Zhou Zheng has been dead on the streets.

Zhou Tianwang said east, he said west, the two people always urinate in less than one pot.

In the end, Tang Jiayao even said a word and almost choked him. Tang Jiayao said: “Chow Chow, you prepared such a great gift. Could it be for my child to marry my girl, my girl is the pearl of my palm and stayed abroad?” Everyone’s boudoirs are not just ordinary scoundrels who can marry casually.”

Zhou Tianwang did not suffer from this kind of uselessness, his son died, and was ridiculed and ridiculed as a rogue, this Tang Jiayao is clearly gloating. Feeling suddenly out of control, Zhou Tianwangzi patted the table hard and said loudly: “Tang Boss, don’t try to get confused, my son is dead, this Tianjin city is so big, a dead fly mosquito, you Tang Jiayao don’t know, but What the dead person is, you should still know who did it. Moreover, the dead person is my son Zhou Tianwang, but you don’t mention a word. If one day, your daughter crosses the street, you won’t even Don’t let this fart go.”

Tang Jiayao saw Zhou Tianwang cursing his daughter, and immediately followed with a sudden rage. He took a corner of the mahogany square table in front of his palm and shouted: “Chow, you suspect that my Tang Jiayao must have evidence. My Tang Jiayao is in Tianjin City, if it is windy and rainy, how can I kill someone because of a playful play on my daughter, and Tang Jiayao will not kill someone because of a small casino, but your rogue son, I dare to tease someone in Tang’s daughter in broad daylight. I interrupted one of his legs. That wouldn’t be too much. Unfortunately, the cheaper boy had become a deadly ghost. He wanted me to say that he died well. Save this live crime.”

“You, surnamed Tang, now that we are talking about this, then should we be like ten years ago.” Although Zhou Tianwang is not as powerful as Tang Jiayao, he has a son who serves as a battalion commander.

Although Tang Jiayao didn’t speak well, he did have some gloating in his heart, but he also whispered in his heart. In Tianjin, Tang Zhouqi’s three families, no matter whose son is on the street, they will doubt the other two people. Undoubtedly, this time It was Zhou Tianwang’s son who died. If the murderer was not found, he might be the daughter of Tang Jiayao.

“Chow, don’t be so unpleasant to say. Nowadays, business is getting harder and harder. If you have to hack and kill like you did ten years ago, I won’t be afraid of you. The fish is dead, your son is dead, I can say this, it wasn’t done by Tang Jiayao or the old one. I guess it’s made by the Japanese, and it’s able to withstand your search for the Japanese. Concession, you have the ability to take back the Japanese concession, and also strive for our country.” Tang Jiayao is naturally unwilling to turn his face.

“Japanese, but in the past few years, although my Zhou family has not cooperated with the Japanese in a big business, they have not offended the Japanese. The Japanese killed my son for whatever reason.” Zhou Tianwang was somewhat convinced. But from what he said, he was protecting Qi Huairen.

“Do Japanese people need anything to do? What do you think of the death of college students in the streets of Tianjin?” Tang Jiayao’s breath was very weak, and he felt that only Zhou Tianwang’s suspicions were brought to the Japanese. This matter It may be the end, no one can afford the Japanese, otherwise, the Japanese can occupy the three provinces?

“Since the mayor personally ordered An Tianming to investigate and kill college students, I guess 80% of them were also done by the Japanese.” Zhou Tianwang thought Tang Jiayao guessed well, then the Japanese seized the three provinces in the east, and the students shouted every day The Japanese were robbed of the three eastern provinces.

“But, kill my son, does the Japanese have any purpose?” Zhou Tianwang still felt that Tang Jiayao’s speculation had no basis.

“Senior Chou, you weren’t so confused before, and the destiny of the police station is not a fool. If he finds out that the Japanese did it, there will be diplomatic troubles, so at this time, the Japanese’s first goal is to You have to look away, so I found you Zhou Cui.” When Tang Jiayao said these words, it seemed that he had been 100% sure that the Japanese did it.

Zhou Tianwang heard this and knew that no matter what, he continued to ask and got no news, so he got up and said goodbye. This Tang Jiayao clearly wanted him to come forward to fight against the Japanese. What kind of medicine did he sell in the gourd? Want to see the Zhou family defeated by the Japanese, then he and Qi Huairen can take advantage of the opportunity to make money.

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