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Chapter 2 Zhou Yuji

Qin Yi wanted to fight again, Li Guo also burst out of the fighting intentions, but the sound of Ming Jin sounded outside the city. Although Li Guo didn’t understand why Ming Jin had recruited troops, he didn’t want to disobey the military order.

Take a fist towards Qin Yi: “Brother Li, I hope we can fight again!” Then he jumped off the city wall!

Qin Yi exclaimed, this city wall is four or five feet tall, you dare to jump!

Running to the wall and looking down, Li Guo grabbed the cloud ladder as he jumped down, and then jumped down the cloud ladder like an ape.

The trespassing troops above the city wall could escape as quickly as possible, and the Ming army was also happy to beat the water dog, and kept a corpse of the trespassing army on the city wall, which was washed away by the rain.

The water standing on the wall has all turned red. Looking at the invading army in the misty rain, Qin Yi wondered why the intruding army suddenly ordered the withdrawal of troops?

But Li Guo was also full of doubts at this time. He entered Li Zicheng’s barracks and asked, “Why did uncle order the withdrawal of troops?”

Li Zicheng highly valued Li Guo’s nephew. When Li Zicheng rebelled, when there were no outsiders, Li Guo was calling Li Zicheng uncle, Li Zicheng became the emperor, and Li Guo still did not change his name.

And Li Zicheng is rugged and disagrees at all, but Li Guocheng’s tone makes Li Zicheng a little uncomfortable. Aside from his status as a courtier, you are still my nephew. How can a nephew talk to his uncle like this?

“Li Guo, be bold, and dare to question your majesty when he sees your majesty in the barracks?” Niu Jinxing on the side reprimanded him first!

Li Guo glared at Niu Jinxing. This old thing is just a flatterer. It’s not as good as Song Xiance’s to make a plan. It’s not as good as Liu Zongmin to lead an army to fight. It is better to kill the enemy in battle.

I was a little angry about the inexplicable withdrawal of troops, and it was not good to get angry with Li Zicheng, but Niu Jinxing was hitting Li Guo’s head.

Li Guo immediately yelled at Niu Jinxing, what is your qualification to say me. Niu Jinxing was naturally unwilling to show weakness, and immediately counterattacked.

Li Zicheng roared, and the two men stopped.

“A group of enemy troops appeared on our right side, the number is unknown. I am worried that this group of enemy troops will attack the right side of our army, and 20,000 troops have attacked the city for an hour, causing heavy casualties, so Mingjin The soldiers are closed!” Li Zicheng explained to Li Guo.

“I wanted to take advantage of the heavy rain, and then used the bravery of the supplementary to beat the Ming army by surprise, and then won the Ningwu City, but the Ming army in the city was obviously prepared!” Li Zicheng sighed.

“The enemy general is Zhou Yuji. This person can conquer good wars. It is one of the few generals who can fight in the Ming Dynasty today! He has already achieved a great record in the Eastern Liaoning. Resistance!” Song Xiance caressed the sadness of Xu Xu’s face.

The Ningwu Pass is the outer three gates that once defended the Mongolian Tieqi to the south. The first head, Ningwu and Yanmen are the three gates. The first head is the polar edge and the Yanmen is the main point. At the top, the situation is particularly important. The “Border Defense Test” said: “With heavy troops stationed here, you can defend Yanmen in the east, aid the customs in the west, and respond to Yunshuo in the north.

Ningwu Pass is the most important city pass in Shanxi, and once Ningwu Pass is broken, Datong, Xuanfu and Juyong Pass can be taken directly, and then Beijing City is in sight.

As the last main gathering place in Shanxi, Ningwu Pass was taken and the main force was wiped out.

It was just that Zhou Yuji was like a big mountain, and the rail was on the road of extinction of Emperor Dashun Li Zicheng.

Ningwu had already killed and wounded 50,000 soldiers, and Li Zicheng dared not fight anymore.

“Neither a detour nor a strong attack will be better. Let’s withdraw to Shaanxi and slowly consume it with the Ming Army!” Li Zicheng suggested.

Li Zicheng’s proposal is very safe, but it was opposed by everyone in the camp. Only Niu Jinxing did not speak. Obviously he did not think it is a good way to withdraw now!

“Continuing the strong attack will only increase the casualties, we have to find a way how to attack the city!” Liu Zongmin said on the side.

“Zhou Yuji has eliminated the old and weak soldiers, repaired the weapons, strengthened the training, and prepared for the army since he took the post of chief military officer in Shanxi. This has greatly enhanced the Ming’s combat power. Zhou Yuji spent his entire life on the battlefield, and his military capabilities are far greater than any of us present. Be strong, and be brave. Once only hundreds of people dared to attack the 70,000 Qing troops from Yangliuqing, and finally won more with less! I suggest avoiding contact with Zhou Yuji short soldiers!” Song Xian suggested.

Li Zicheng’s eyes flashed: “Avoid the short soldiers to meet, so what does the military division mean?”

“After the rain breaks, mobilize all the artillery of the whole army and bomb the Ningwuguan! Blast the city walls!” Song Xian said.

“Ningwuguan is made of solid blue bricks. The city wall is as high as four feet and the city wall is five feet wide. If you want to explode, you will only consume the gunpowder of the whole army!” Liu Zongmin worried.

After consuming all the gunpowder shells in Ningwuguan, there will be no gunpowder to attack Datong, Xuanfu and Beijing City!

“It’s okay, Xuanfu and Datong have always been places of heavy soldiers, and the hoarded gunpowder piled up into a mountain, where can our army take it from!” Song Xiance said confidently.

Several people nodded in recognition. Datong, Xuanfu and other cities are shorter than the walls of Ningwuguan, and the defenders are all native chickens and dogs. Winning the Ningwu Pass, winning the cities of Datong and Xuanfu is easy!

Li Zicheng thought about it, this matter is indeed feasible! So he waved his hand: “According to the military division, Li Guo, you first took the men and women to solve the enemy on our right!”

The rain has stopped, and the world is clear again.

Qin Yi sat on the city wall and stared at the army under the city, holding a big cooking cake in his hand, fighting for several hours, his stomach was already hungry and croaking.

After the baptism of rainwater on the wall, the blood stains were washed away, the body of the Ming army was moved down the wall, and the body of the invading army was pushed down the wall.

“You said that the commander-in-law sent a force out of the city?” Qin Yi frowned and bit off a piece of pie. The taste of this thing was really different, and it was hard to bite.

The general was named Zhou Wu, and he came from a camp. He didn’t know what shit luck he had gone.

The best difference between battalions and guards is that one is not hereditary, and the other is hereditary.

The battalion can be called a soldier, and the army can be called a military. One is recruited, but the recruitment is also selected from the elite.

The guards are arable and soldiers, they are peasants in their free time, and they are soldiers in wartime. Their fighting power is naturally inferior to camp soldiers, but Shanxi, as a place of protracted warfare, will fight in the Ming Dynasty almost every few years. In Shanxi, where the Ming dynasty has been active for more than 100 years, and then there was the peasant army uprising.

The main force of Shanxi has been eaten up by Li Zicheng. Now more than 10,000 garrisons in Ningwu Pass are all the main forces of Shanxi. They are all elite. Naturally, the guard army and the battalion are mixed. They all accept Zhou Yuji’s deployment.

Therefore, Zhou Wu has nothing to look down on Qin Yi. Moreover, Qin Yi and Li Guo’s battle, Zhou Wu is all in the eyes.

Qin Yi can see Zhou Wu as a related household, and Zhou Wu will be satisfied.

“What are you doing? I am a general officer who is bigger than you, and I know more!” Zhou Wudao.

“What are you doing out of town?” Qin Yi asked.

“Lure the enemy, bring the enemy into the city, and then close the door to beat the dog!” Zhou Wu is a handsome young man with a good face, and he is a little angry. Qin Yi thinks that he should go to the scientific expedition, be a book reader, not here. The flames of war fought everywhere, killing the enemy on the battlefield full of blood and minced meat.

Qin Yi thought for a while. In the history, Yu Ji did this in the past, and Li Zicheng was also fooled, losing a lot of people, and eating a loss of Li Zicheng, under anger and anger, with countless artillery, collapsed abruptly. After the Ningwuguan city wall, Zhou Yuji led his soldiers to death and died.

Qin Yi nodded, but he was already thinking about how to escape when the city was broken, and where to go.

Zhou Wu talked about the war between Qin Yi and Li Guo at this time, and he was very excited.

“I said, Qin Qianhu, you are really a real person, and the martial arts are so superb. The captain of the guard next to the commander-in-chief may not have the martial arts like you!”

“Can you teach me martial arts, so that I can save my life on the battlefield!”

Qin Yi has been thinking about how to escape and save his life. He is unheard of Zhou Wu’s noise in his ears.

Qin Yi didn’t stop thinking until he was slapped by someone. He turned to look. It turned out that he inherited the memory of the bearded man with a scar on his face. Zhou Yuji, the chief officer of Shanxi, was fierce!

“Thousand households Qin Yi see the general!” Qin Yi performed a military salute.

Zhou Yuji is a full-fledged man from the northeast, with a tiger’s back and a waist, and Qin Yi’s thin body standing in front of Zhou Yuji, like a child.

“Can this small body compete with a tiger?” Zhou Yuji turned around Qin Yi and said strangely.

A tiger is the nickname of Li Guo, and the peasant army likes to give himself a nickname. For example, Hao Yaoqi, whose real name is Hao Yongzhong, and Luo Rucai’s nickname is even more cattle, give himself a nickname called Cao Cao!

“Boy, are you the same thousand households who are fighting each other with Li Guo?” Zhou Yuji asked.

“If I go back to the general, the kid is exactly!” Qin Yi answered.

“But your body, can you hit me with a fist?” Zhou Yuji is not a rude man, on the contrary, his mind is delicate, otherwise it will not become a nightmare for Dashun Jun. Just before he came, he investigated Qin Yi’s past and found that the thousand households who had declared a war with Li on the report of his participation in the generals were just a counsel, and even the training took the lead to avoid for various reasons. It is really unimaginable to be a person who is fighting with Wu Yi Gaoqiang Neng and Li Zicheng’s famous general Li Guo.

“The sea water can’t be fought, people can’t look, the generals don’t believe it, even if they come to try, let alone take a punch, I will follow countless punches!” Qin Yi said loudly.

The sneers of the generals, deputy generals, and staff of the Shanxi army who followed Zhou Yuji were all whispering, saying that this kid would now talk big, and he would probably not be able to move on his stomach.

Zhou Yuji took a serious look at Qin Yi and said, “I can kill a cow with one punch. I will try with three points!”

Qin Yi was disdainful. During the peak of his internal strength, that is, before he crossed, let alone a cow, a cow demon had to be ravaged by Qin Yi.

“Boy, I’m coming!” Zhou Yuji clenched his right fist, hitting Qin Yi’s chest and abdomen like a gun!

But Qin Yi is still waiting for him!

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