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Arg Life

Arg Life
Other Title: 生活对我下手了 / Sheng huo dui wo xia shou le

Genres: Comedy, drama
Wu Ri Na, Li Ya Fei
Da Dao, Liu Xue Song, Liu Yang (writer), Zhang Da Ke
Release Date: 
November 26, 2018
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  • La Mu Yang Zi
  • Liu Bei Shi
  • Ma Li
  • Bao Bei Er
  • Wang Tian Chen
  • Xu Jun Cong
  • Jin Pei Shan

Yoko is in a divorced family, and the fight with her brother Liu Beishi constitutes the main content of her family life. In love, Yoko has repeatedly failed and fought. She either meets a straight steel man who is incomprehensible or meets a boyfriend who needs a woman’s shoulders all the time. At work, Yoko feels powerless and always wants to fly into the sky in the company, but often embarrassingly makes trouble because of no means. In society, Yoko’s friends are the best among the weird ones. They borrowed money and didn’t repay them, and a bite of dog food that was caught off guard. All the inconceivable things seemed common to Yoko and her weird friends. These strange encounters are Yoko’s daily life. What should Yoko do with her life again and again.

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