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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 9 Recap

Lin Qian quickly moved to Aida’s studio. When she was cleaning up the room, she suddenly heard movement in the next room. She ran to the next room to see that Li Zhicheng, who had been in bed, accidentally dropped her phone on the floor. Lin Qian quickly picked up the phone and handed it to Li Zhicheng. Seeing Li Zhicheng topless, Lin Qian was a little embarrassed and did not dare to look at him. She whispered to Li Zhicheng that the two of them would be neighbors, and they could find her if they had trouble, and left as if after speaking.

Li Zhicheng was hurt and entrusted Lin Qian to take the authorization letter and the list to Varna to hand over. Lin Qian went to the office to find Chen Yayi to meet with Varna. Chen Yayi lied to her and asked about how Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian were doing. Lin Qian hesitated for a while and told Chen Yayi that only then had he discovered that Li Zhicheng was the special soldier who had rescued him at the Yunnan border. Chen Yayi joked that Li Zhicheng was the male god in Lin Qian’s mind. Lin Qiansan told Chen Yayi to keep secrets. When Chen Yayi learned that Lin Qian had moved to Li Zhicheng’s next door, she teased that the two were living together, and persuaded Lin Qian to seize the opportunity and rush forward. Lin Qian was very embarrassed to be said, she reservedly said that she treated Li Zhicheng only with appreciation.

In the office of the President of New Baorui, Ning Weikai made up his mind with blazing eyes, and absolutely can’t watch Aida become bigger and stronger. If Aida survives, Wenda will come back to life. He decided to break the boat and snatch Varna’s fabrics in order to completely defeat Aida. At this time, some subordinates questioned the special instructions of the chairman, Ning Weikai felt a fire in his heart and it was not easy to break out, so he had to withdraw his employees.

Ning Weikai was getting angry. Miss Zhu suddenly came to the office and informed Ning Weikai that she had successfully persuaded Chairman Zhu. Ning Weikai’s eyebrows were instantly pleased, and he called Varna the first time, vowing to tell him that he would not be disappointed this time.

Lin Qian took Chen Yayi to see Var. When Lin Qian took out the contract and prepared to let Varner read the list, he unexpectedly turned his face and announced the termination of the project. Lin Qian was stunned. Lin Qian reminded Varna that the two parties had already signed the contract, and Varna didn’t care to say that the deposit and liquidated damages would be paid to Aida within three days. Lin Qian was very disappointed with Varna’s treachery, but was helpless.

When Grace learns that Li Zhicheng is injured, she rushes to visit Aida anxiously, and insists on finding a good doctor for him. Li Zhicheng curiously asked how Grace and her brother met. With warmth on her face, Grace recalled that she had been chased by someone who was chasing after a celebrity’s extramarital affairs. She fled to the room where Li apologized in a panic, and then the two met. Grace wanted to continue speaking, but suddenly received a call from his subordinates and had to leave in a hurry. When Grace returned to the company, she sat on the window sill alone, recalling the process of getting acquainted with Li apologizing, and she couldn’t help tearing her face when she thought that things are different.

In the evening, Lin Qian returned to Aida, apologizing to Li Zhicheng with a look of guilt, saying that Varna seemed to have found a higher bidder. Li Zhicheng did not panic, but comforted Lin Qian to leave if he had a suitable job opportunity. Lin Qian looked at Li Zhicheng blankly. Li Zhicheng explained that Aida is a big ship, and he is the helmsman, Lin Qian can leave Aida to find better development space. Lin Qian said half-jokingly and half-seriously that he was a sailor, and as long as the ship did not sink, he would accompany love to the end.

In the meeting room of Xin Baorui, Ning Weikai announced with ambition that Varna’s fabric had been shipped into the company’s workshop just now, and formal mass production had begun. With full confidence, he decided to take advantage of the victory and chase to completely defeat Aida. He ordered his subordinates to tap Aida technical talents in a targeted manner. At the same time, he sent the news to Mr. Chen’s men and asked Mr. Chen to take charge of the network navy department. Propaganda, in order to blow Ada’s morale.

When Gu Yanzhi went to work the next day, he was surprised to find that there was no one in the office except Chen Yayi, and asked what was going on in surprise. Chen Yayi asked Gu Yanzhi to read the news sent to the employee group last night. Gu Yanzhi took the phone and saw that his face changed suddenly. It was the news of the fabric manufacturer’s temporary breach of contract. I don’t know who broke it out. At this time, company employees came to surround Gu Yanzhi one after another, saying that they wanted to see Li Zhicheng. Gu Yanzhi excuses that Li Zhicheng is on a business trip, but some employees are aggressive and take out their mobile phones and insist that Gu Yanzhi call Li Zhicheng in person.

Lin Qian was visiting Li Zhicheng on the hospital bed upstairs. Hearing the noise downstairs, he walked downstairs to take a look and was surprised to find that the office was fried. Lin Qian stepped forward and walked to everyone, telling everyone that he was the chief designer hired by President Li, and hoped that everyone would trust him and President Li to cooperate sincerely and overcome difficulties together. Lin Qian’s heart-to-heart persuasion calmed the restless employees. In order to break the embarrassing situation, Lin Qian took the lead in running while blowing a whistle. The other employees looked at each other, and finally followed them, and Aida was back on track.

According to Lin Qian’s request, Aidi Company re-ordered the waterproof suit, but Lin Qian’s face was dim. Because Varna broke the contract, no matter how good the sample was, it was of no avail. Depressed Lin Qian ran to the bathroom and secretly wiped tears. When she turned on the faucet to wash her face, she suddenly found a fabric tied to the faucet. Lin Qian hurriedly took the fabric to find Mr. Huang, only to find out that it was a waterproof fabric independently developed by Ai Di, Lin Qian was overjoyed. Lin Qian ran to inform Li Zhicheng excitedly that he had found a high-quality waterproof fabric from Aidi Company, and that he would live in the laboratory for a while. Lin Qian devoted himself to the design and performance testing of waterproof clothing without stopping.

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